4 Tips For Choosing The Right Flower Mound Real Estate Agent



In order to sell your Flower Mound home as quickly as possible and get top dollar, it’s essential that you list your home with a reputable company and agent. The fact is, there are many realtors who work only part-time, and others who work full-time. While it may seem that any real estate agent will do, this simply isn’t the case. Before you list your home, consider these 4 tips – and ask lots of questions!



  1. Is the agent part-time or full-time? Part-time realtors often aren’t fully committed to selling a client’s home; they may work other jobs to pay the bills, and selling real estate is simply “gravy” – so you don’t get the agent’s full focus and effort.
  2. What will the agent do specifically to make sure your home sells? Unfortunately, some real estate agents sound like real “go getters,” or at least a highly motivated used car salesman. Is your agent giving you a lot of “fluff,” or can he/she give you specifics regarding what will be done to sell your home as quickly as possible? Hold your realtor accountable to the promises he or she makes.
  3. What brokerage or real estate firm does the agent work for? It’s important when choosing a realtor that you choose a high producing company with a recognized and reputable name and brand.
  4. How does the realtor differ from the competition? Will your realtor follow up on leads, and how effectively will they advertise your home? How often will open houses be held, and will they be by appointment only or open to the public? Your real estate agent should be innovative and capable of implementing progressive strategies that will ensure your home is in front of potential buyers.

There are literally dozens of questions you should ask in choosing a realtor you can trust to effectively show your home to the right buyers. Never make the mistake of assuming all realtors are the same!

At Team Nelson, we are the Flower Mound real estate agents you can put your trust in for all of your needs, whether selling or buying a home. Our team members are highly experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to placing a personal focus on every client’s needs.

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