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Most Dallas homeowners who want to sell their homes know that in order to make their homes more attractive, cleanliness, neatness, and curb appeal are important. You know to ‘clear the clutter’ and have minor repairs done to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. What you may not know if you intend to sell your home is how much the ‘little’ things can contribute to sealing the deal!

For younger buyers, homes equipped with well-appointed home offices or tricked-out media rooms can be just what it takes to make the sale. Many younger buyers today are tech-savvy, so be sure to highlight any of the features that may leave an impression in the mind of the buyer at the end of a long day searching.

Even a clean, neatly organized closet can be a big deal. If your closets are super-neat and clean or particularly spacious, leave the door open and the light on to make sure buyers notice.

Have a programmable thermostat that can be programmed using a smart phone? Maybe you have a great wine cellar, or have recently updated the HVAC system. There are ways to leave hints so that potential buyers don’t miss some of the more subtle selling features. For instance, you may want to leave a note leaning against a bottle of wine reminding the guests to check out the spectacular wine cellar!

For things such as new heating and cooling equipment or new kitchen appliances, make sure to remind your Dallas real estate agent to point out these advantages to buyers. Your agent should showcase your home in a way that highlights not only the obvious selling points, but the smaller, not-so-obvious ones as well.

At Team Nelson, we offer tips and guidance to help North Texas homeowners make their homes the most appealing to potential buyers. Helping you sell your Dallas-area home quickly and for the price you desire is what we do! Give us a call today for expert guidance.

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