Selling Your Dallas Home? When To Keep Your Lips Zipped

selling your dallas home

If you plan on selling your Dallas home there are some things you should never share with potential buyers. Whether you’re trying to sell your home yourself or have a Dallas real estate agent working for you, there are some things better left unsaid. No doubt you’ve heard the old adage “loose lips sink ships.” Here’s what we mean.

Our home has been on the market for six months. While potential buyers can easily find out how long your home’s been on the market given all of the resources online today, there’s no need to stress the fact that your home’s been listed for months (or even longer) and still hasn’t sold. This may make the buyer think there’s something wrong with the home, it’s priced too high, etc. Better not to bring it up.

Those things you intended to do, but never got around to? Keep it to yourself. If you intended to renovate the kitchen or knock down a wall to create more space, no need sharing that information with the buyer. You don’t want to get into the reason you never carried through with your plan, and you don’t want to leave buyers with ideas that are going to cost them even more money. Mum’s the word.

This house is in perfect condition. Really? There’s no such thing, and if you declare the home is perfect to a potential buyer, you may be left trying to remove your foot from your mouth when the home inspection reveals an issue (or issues) you weren’t aware of. We know your home is perfect in your eyes, but keep that little tidbit of information to yourself, just in case.

I have to have “X” for this house. When you make statements regarding how much you MUST get for your home or that you won’t take any less than $300,000 (just an example), you’re shutting out a lot of potential buyers. People don’t want to deal with those who are dead set against negotiating a reasonable price or terms. Of course you want the most possible for your home within reason, but you should be realistic, too. Don’t scare off those who may give you a reasonable offer by having word spread all over town that you’re inflexible.

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying or selling a home in the North Texas area. One misstep, or sharing too much information, and you could sabotage your own efforts. At Team Nelson, our real estate professionals are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to making the selling process as streamlined as possible. Why settle for less?

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