Selling Your North Texas Home? Smooth Sailing In Negotiating The Sale

Selling your North Texas home can be seamless when you have prepared your home, priced it right, and chosen a competent realtor, but the real nail-biting comes when you receive an offer. At Team Nelson, we understand that sellers don’t always know how to negotiate the sale of their homes, so we have a few tips to help make it easier and less stressful.

Evaluate these factors after you know the buyer will have no problem qualifying for a loan:

  • Does the buyer desire assistance with closing costs?
  • Is the buyer’s offer close to your asking price?
  • Are repairs or a credit for home improvements part of the deal asked for by the buyer?
  • Will your home appraise for the contract price?
  • How much earnest money is the buyer offering for deposit?

Determining whether you will accept the buyer’s offer often depends on the answers to these questions, and whether you have other offers or want to wait for additional offers.

Analyzing purchase offers

While it would be nice to think that every potential buyer would offer your asking price or even more, that simply isn’t the reality of it. Each offer will need to be carefully evaluated. At this point, you can negotiate with a buyer and the agent.

It’s also important that your Dallas real estate agent work as your partner at this stage. Your realtor can educate you in many ways, including educating you about the market you’re in, the rise and fall of home prices in your community, and the number of sellers vs. buyers – which can impact home prices.

Your options when it comes to buyers’ offers

Should you make a counteroffer? This is another consideration for sellers, and depends largely on the offer made by the buyer. You basically have three options: accepting the buyer’s offer, declining it, or making a counteroffer. Compromising in some areas is common; your realtor can provide you with guidance in regards to successfully negotiating the terms of the sale.

In addition, your North Texas real estate agent should be happy to provide you with documentation showing the net proceeds you can expect at varying sales prices.

At Team Nelson, we are dedicated to helping make the process of selling your home as streamlined and profitable as possible. If you’re considering the sale of your Flower Mound, Denton, or Frisco home, give us a call today!

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