Effective Tactics to Ensure You Get the Price You Want When Selling Your Flower Mound Home

Selling Your Flower Mound Home

If you plan to put your Flower Mound or Dallas-area home on the market, you may be concerned that you won’t get the full price you want for your home. There are some mistakes that could lower the value of your home or discourage potential buyers from taking a look, such as overpricing. Ultimately, the best thing to do is work with a capable and experienced real estate agent to ensure a smooth process and get the most for your home.

Here are a few tips that will help you get top dollar for your North Texas home:

As mentioned above, don’t overprice your home. While it is a good idea to add a buffer when listing your home, going overboard will discourage buyers from coming to look at it or attending an open house. With that said . . .

Add a buffer. This is not overpricing, but adding a small amount so that you and a potential buyer have a little “wiggle” room to negotiate. For instance, if the figure you really want is $300,000, consider listing your home for $305,000 to $310,000. Even if negotiating isn’t your thing, most buyers are savvy enough to know they can come down a bit from your asking price when submitting an offer.

Make sure your home has an appealing online presence. More and more buyers search the web today when looking for a home in the Dallas area. Include every detail possible in online listings, and don’t neglect to include professional photos that showcase your home along with a digital floor plan.

Consider professional staging. The more desirable your home, the more offers you are likely to get. Having a professional stage your home will increase its appeal, and generate interest among buyers.

When it comes to showings and open houses, say yes. If you don’t show your home, no one is going to buy it – it’s that simple. Be open to the idea of letting your Flower Mound real estate agent show your home on weekends, or host open houses frequently. This is particularly important in those first few weeks when you list your home, as buyers are actively looking for new listings in anticipation of seeing them.

The tactics above will help you generate lots on interest in your home, which means you will more likely get the price you want. You may even get more than one offer, a situation seller’s love!

At Team Nelson, we understand how stressful and complicated selling your Flower Mound home can be. Let us help you get top dollar for your home!

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