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Why Buy A Flower Mound Home? Benefits Of Owning Home

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There are lots of opinions about whether it’s best to buy or rent a home. While there are a few pros when it comes to renting, there are many more benefits to owning your own home! Our Flower Mound real estate professionals reveal a few of the benefits, some you may not have considered, of buying a home.

Budgeting is easier because you know how much your house payment is each month. You never know how much rent will increase when the lease expires; buying your own home means you’ll know how much your mortgage payment will be, and the money you spend will go toward owning your own home – not in the pockets of a landlord.

It costs less over the long-term. Of course you face a down payment and closing costs, however with current low mortgage rates, the money you’ll spend on a monthly basis is often less when you purchase a home than when you rent. Think of it this way: Your home will eventually be paid off; if you continue renting, you pay to live somewhere for the rest of your life!

You get to keep more of your money through tax benefits. The interest paid on your mortgage each year, property taxes, accounting costs – there are many expenses you can deduct on your tax returns.

Homes usually appreciate, which means they increase in value – a great asset for your future, and perhaps for your kids as well. Depending on market conditions and the length of time you intend to stay in your home, it will usually increase in value substantially. For instance, a home you pay $200,000 for could be worth far more than that in 10 years!

These are just a few of the benefits of home ownership; the biggest one of all is that you have a home that belongs to you, one you can live in for as long as you like. No worries about whether the landlord will decide to sell the home, leaving you looking for another place to live.

At Team Nelson, our Flower Mound home professionals are here to help you navigate the sometimes complex process of buying or selling a home. Contact us today!

What People Are Saying

  • Ebby Halliday Realtors wanted to list my house for $ 390,000 and charge me a 6% commission. I listed my home with Bill Nelson for $ 425,000 and he sold it for 430,000. and charged $ 0 commission. You cannot beat a deal like this !!

    steve scobee Avatar
    steve scobee

    We utilized Bill Nelson for the sale of and purchase of two houses in Flower Mound. On our sale we interviewed various brokers to see who we thought would provide the best value. His pricing strategy brought us the most of any realtor we looked at. He is extremely knowledge of the market and has a great support team.

    Steve Belken Avatar
    Steve Belken

    We are in the home construction business, so this review has two sides, ours and the many customers we work with. Team Nelson has assembled a team that understands that your time is your money. They apply all of their trade secrets to turn your project in a very timely manor whether in a purchase or sale -- and at a price matched by no others. Try them once as we did many years ago and you will never leave them...

    Butch Honse Avatar
    Butch Honse
  • I loved working with Kevin and his group at Your Home Free. I sold my house and bought a new one through him. We could only meet after work and he was always available to show us houses. He put his opinion into homes and provided insight that we wouldn't have though about. He was very easy...

    shsugrad Avatar

    Top notch team, Tara was fantastic in helping me find my new home. I definitely recommend !

    Princess Granik Avatar
    Princess Granik

    Bill presented his realty firm as one which could save us money because we only pay 3% commission. He explained the process thoroughly without any pressure to sign a contract with him. The people working for his firm are very courteous and knowledgeable. Overall, we had a very pleasant...

    marric48 Avatar
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