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Boost Value Of Your North Texas Property With Landscaping

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Landscaping takes time; after all, flowers and other plants take time to grow – both in size and beauty! If you think you may sell your home at some point in the future, you can do a little landscaping on the cheap that will really pay off down the road! Here are a few ideas we think you’ll love.

Consider lantanas, coneflowers, and other plants that are drought resistant. Considering summers often get super hot in Texas and conditions are often dry, it’s a good idea to invest in plants that will thrive without you having to water. Beautiful flowers, no expense for water required – good selling points too when it comes time to sell!

Give your lawn some attention. Doing the simple, ordinary things such as trimming the hedges, cutting the grass, and pulling or killing weeds makes the exterior of your home look so much neater and well-maintained – important to buyers. If the outside looks neat and clean, buyers will assume the inside is in great condition, too. Not to mention added curb appeal!

Decomposed granite or pea gravel make for a beautiful (and cheap) walkway or driveway. While concrete is the norm, not only is it expensive, it doesn’t add the charm factor you see with pea gravel or decomposed granite – much cheaper alternatives.

Light up the night while adding appeal to your landscape. A few lamps placed along the sidewalk add appeal, and make navigating safer when showing your home at night. Many homeowners work during the day, and nighttime is when homes are often shown.. You can choose inexpensive stake lighting, but space them well so that you’re front lawn doesn’t bring to mind runway lights! Make sure lights in lamp posts or those on the wall of the front porch are in good working order.

Put away the clutter. Just as with the inside of your home, your outdoor spaces can look cluttered. Put the lawnmower away, along with the children’s toys, yard tools, the bag of potting soil, gas cans, etc. Neat and well-manicured is the name of the game!

These are a few inexpensive landscaping ideas that can really boost the appeal of your North Texas property – and the price, when it comes time to sell!

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