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Tips For Burglar-Proofing Your Flower Mound Home

While Flower Mound and other upscale communities in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex area are considered extremely safe, it never hurts to be cautious! As trusted Flower Mound realtors, we have a few tips to help burglar-proof your Flower Mound home this upcoming holiday season, and throughout the year.

Exterior Doors

Choose doors that are constructed of solid-core wood or steel; also have deadbolt locks installed. Make sure that any glass panes in the door are far enough away from locks that potential burglars cannot reach them by breaking the glass and reaching through.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you have a sliding glass door that accesses your patio or deck, make sure it cannot be lifted from the frame. Also install locks at the top and bottom, and use a stick (such as a cut-off broom handle) in the track so the door cannot be opened from the outside.


Laminated or other strong glass is recommended for windows; you may also want to consider grilles, grates, or bars to further enhance security. Be sure that barred windows have a quick-release mechanism so that in case of fire, your family can quickly escape. Also try to keep shrubs and other landscaping away from windows, as these provide cover for a potential burglar.


When you are not going to be home, leave a few lights on inside the house so burglars cannot be certain whether the home is empty or occupied. Install outdoor lights on all four sides, preferably motion sensor lights. Burglars are far more likely to flee when they are unexpectedly illuminated!

Other Safety Measures

Dogs and security systems are both excellent deterrents. If for some reason you cannot have a dog or do not have a security system installed, place signs on your property such as “Beware of Dog.” You can also get security alarm stickers to place on windows or utility poles which will make a potential burglar think you have an alarm system.

Other tips include keeping entrance doors and windows clear of shrubs and landscaping, as these make good cover while a burglar attempts to enter your home. If your family is going to be away from home for an extended period of time, leave on a radio or television, have a neighbor collect newspapers/mail, and mow the grass so that it looks as though the home has been occupied recently.

Need more safety tips, or considering the purchase of an upscale home in one of the many popular North Texas communities? Count on the capable team of Flower Mound real estate agents at Team Nelson!

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