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Buying A Flower Mound Home – Will It Be New Or An Older Home?

Buying A Flower Mound Home

In real estate terms, a new home is generally one that’s newer than four years old. When buying a Flower Mound home, or a home in one of the other communities near Dallas-Ft. Worth, have you decided whether you would prefer a new home, or an older, established home?

As Flower Mound real estate professionals, we understand that people’s preferences are different, and their images of what a home “should be” are often formed by childhood memories. Some are dead-set on a brand spanking new home and prefer not to buy what they may consider a “hand-me-down,” while others enjoy the warmth of older homes when compared to the sometimes “cold” feel of a newly constructed home.

You may be someone who isn’t sure whether you prefer a new home, or an older home. When it comes time to make a decision, here are a few factors that may influence your decision:

Larger lots often come with older homes, simply because land was more affordable in the past. In addition, much of the landscaping may be established, so you enjoy large trees that provide shade, etc.

Properties that are older and established often go hand-in-hand with communities that are close-knit – one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows one another.

According to Realty Trac, there are twice as many older homes to choose from when compared to new homes. Today, over 70% of single family homes were constructed before 1990.

New homes definitely have certain features some potential buyers can’t live without, such as walk-in closets, something that may be tough to find in an older home. It’s also important to consider that when buying a new home in a relatively new development, families have an opportunity to “start out” together, and build lasting friendships – a “fresh start,” if you will. As a general rule, newer homes usually don’t have the upkeep and maintenance costs of an older home.

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the decision of whether to buy a new home or older home in the Dallas area. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of finding that home that “speaks” to you, the one you simply can’t live without! When you fall in love with a home, sometimes the fact of whether it’s new or old really doesn’t matter.

The takeaway here? As trusted Flower Mound real estate agents, we recommend that you give both new and older homes a chance. Who knows what you may find when you keep an open mind?

Team Nelson is dedicated to helping potential buyers find the perfect house, the one that truly will be your “home sweet home.” Give us a call today!

What People Are Saying

  • The entire buying and selling process with Bill and team was seamless. Thank you Team Nelson!

    Marc Botindari Avatar
    Marc Botindari

    This group of top-notch professionals did us a SUPER job!! I highly recommend this "Team" to work for you to help buy and/or sell your home. They were in constant communication with us and were very helpful recommending contractors to us to complete our "to-do" list prior to closing. They worked...

    randy beard Avatar
    randy beard

    Selling and buying a new house with Team Nelson was the best experience ever. My Realtor made everything so easy for our family. Thank you Team Nelson!! Will see you again on our next home adventure.

    Rafael Diaz Avatar
    Rafael Diaz
  • Kelly Sokora and James Freed were a great help in getting our home sold quickly. James was quick to come out and get our home on the market quickly. We had activity the same day it was listed and we had multiple offers in the first couple days. We finally signed a contract 3-4 weeks after the...

    jersch34 Avatar

    Back is 2011 Bill Nelson helped my wife and I find our perfect house. I was not until 2012 that we purchased it. But that whole time Bill patiently searched for us and advocated for us. We could not have done it without Bill and his whole real estate team. Thank you Bill for being a good friend to us. Thank you!

    Drew Spencer Avatar
    Drew Spencer

    Kevin and the Nelson Team were absolutely professional, available, and attentive, and made the process totally predictable. I would highly recommend and would use them in the future.

    aglushko 02 Avatar
    aglushko 02
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