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Buying A Home In North Texas? Energy-Efficient Tips

buying a home in north texas

Anyone who has lived in Texas knows it can get extremely hot during summer months, even in the North Texas area. As Flower Mound real estate professionals, we have a few tips that will help you save on energy costs and reduce energy consumption, without sacrificing comfort.

First of all, if you’re searching for a home at this moment, it’s important to know certain features can impact comfort and energy usage. For instance, sun rooms and cathedral ceilings can result in higher energy costs, while good insulation in the walls, attic, and other areas, along with energy-efficient windows, can help you save. Even appliances can impact how much you spend, so be sure to choose a home with an energy-efficient refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, HVAC system, etc.

Take simple steps to save a bundle. For instance, make use of the ceiling fans to circulate cool or warm air, depending on the season. Do laundry in cold water when possible, and switch to light bulbs that are energy-efficient. Check around windows, doors, and where pipes come into your home to make sure there aren’t any air leaks; if there are, use caulk, weather stripping, or insulation to seal them up and keep conditioned air inside while keeping hot or cold air outdoors. You can find lots of money saving tips at the Energy Star website to help you save.

Consider an energy audit. Most homeowners aren’t aware of all the ways to save on energy costs, or where their homes may be inadequate. Many local utility companies don’t charge to conduct an energy audit, and having an expert assess those areas where you could make a change and save is invaluable. For instance, have you thought of a low-flow toilet or shower head? The various ways you can use less energy and save are countless.

At Team Nelson, we know you want a beautiful home you’ll fall in love with and be comfortable in. Even though a home is a big investment, you want to save as much money as possible on energy costs, without sacrificing comfort! Consider the tips above, and if you’re buying a home in North Texas, be sure to contact one of our Flower Mound real estate agents.

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