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Carrollton: A Unique DFW Suburb

When you think of the suburbs, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it sizable houses, lower cost of living, and solid home investment? Maybe it’s safe communities, well-kept neighborhoods, and above-average schools? Or is it the idea of living comfortably, but at the cost of potentially growing a little bored by the relative lack of things to do? While any and all of these characteristics can be found in the suburbs, it takes a truly exceptional place to break free from the last one: the potential for boredom. A lot of suburbs look great on paper, but ultimately don’t have anything setting them apart from a different suburb a few miles down the road. Truly unique suburbs with strong communities can be hard to find, which is what makes exciting small cities, like Carrollton, TX, such fantastic places to buy a home.

Carrollton, TX: A Suburb with Personality

One of the most diverse and exciting suburbs in DFW, Carrollton is considered by many locals to be a hidden gem, offering the best parts of suburbia with none of the drawbacks. This small city of around 130,000 residents has an extraordinary variety of homes available, ranging from affordable but comfortable starter homes to large luxury homes with all the amenities you should expect. But an array of houses for sale isn’t all you can expect from Carrollton. In fact, this diverse community has become a small hotspot for locals in surrounding areas who come to visit the upscale Asian markets and restaurants located in Carrollton. From delicious Korean BBQ to numerous sushi restaurants to unique Taiwanese bakeries, Carrollton offers a wonderful mashup of different cultures that brings exciting flavors to the suburbs. In many suburbs, you have to drive an hour or more to enjoy the quality and variety of restaurants and activities that Carrollton offers in spades. In Carrollton, you can enjoy the comfort and quiet of suburbia, with some excitement just around the corner.

Exciting Houses for Sale in Carrollton, TX

Beyond the enjoyable community, Carrollton is very much an outstanding place to call home. It’s consistently ranked highly for liveability, boasting a low crime rate, solid education opportunities, a strong local business community, ample employment, and plenty of parks and other outdoor activities to enjoy. In addition to making an exceptional home town, Carrollton rests in close proximity to Dallas and the countless small cities surrounding it, opening up even more employment opportunities and exciting weekend activities. Carrollton is also only a short drive from DFW Airport, making travel easy.

As far as houses for sale in Carrollton, TX go, there are many unique properties available at any given time. Whether you’re looking for a well-established neighborhood with older homes or brand new developments, you can find it all in Carrollton.

Carrollton exists where safety meets affordability and where comfort meets excitement. Buying a home in Carrollton is an excellent investment in your future, and our expert team of realtors is ready to help. If you’re considering a move into the Dallas-Ft. Worth area or Carrollton specifically, reach out to Team Nelson today and we’ll help you get on the right track!

What People Are Saying

Highly recommend working with Bill & Andra and their team at Your Home Free (Emma & Kelly) for your home buying & selling needs. We thoroughly interviewed 10 other brokers/realtors before deciding to work with their team and never regretted it. They are extremely professional, passionate, responsive, and experienced in the Dallas market. We greatly appreciate them & their time. You will be in goods hands with listing, selling, or buying your home!
zuser20150115144057455 Avatar
This is the third house that Team Nelson has sold for us. With sales of homes dropping throughout the Metroplex Team Nelson had us an offer in less than 10 days which we took. The three other homes for sale within a three block area are still on the market after ours has closed.
jtrickel4 Avatar
We love using Team Nelson to buy and sell homes! The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Tara has been are go to for anything we need to know about local market and market trends. They will schedule a meeting in person at your home and give you honest expectations of the sell of your home. They meet and often exceed the expectations they set for their customers.
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Demi Devine