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Color Your Flower Mound Home for a Quicker Sell

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As experienced Dallas real estate professionals, we know the importance of color in selling a home – both interior and exterior colors. Color evokes emotion; some are calming, relaxing, or invigorating, while others – such as lime green – can actually leave you feeling anxious or nervous. If you’re planning to sell your Flower Mound home (or Dallas-area home) in the near future, you may want to reconsider the dark burgundy on your dining room walls, or the bright blue front door/window trim.

Certainly there’s no reason to paint every room in your home white or beige, but you can choose complementary tones that are a bit calmer and preferred by most people in the market to buy a home.

On the Outside

What is the first thing a potential buyer notices when driving by? The exterior of your home. Paint colors should reflect the colors of other homes in your neighborhood, usually sand, grays, taupes, and similar colors. Make sure your deck, entrance door, and even your mailbox post are freshly stained or painted. If the siding is molding or looks like the weather has taken its toll, give it a fresh coat of paint as well.

In the kitchen, you can’t beat white

A decade or two ago, homeowners loved rich dark green and burgundy shades in the kitchen and dining room areas. Today, it’s all about a clean, fresh, bright look. When it comes to cabinets, nothing is as ageless as white. In fact, white cabinets make it difficult for a potential buyer to determine the age of a kitchen – great if your kitchen is older. You don’t have to stick to stark white – any shade of white is a good choice.

Bright bathrooms

Dark colors make rooms appear smaller than they actually are, so stick to white, cream, pale butter yellow, or other bright colors in the bathroom. If you’ve painted the bathroom walls a soft shade of seafoam green, no need to worry – this is the one room where potential buyers are a little more forgiving.

Light, neutral, monochromatic colors for large spaces

The main rooms in your home (such as your living room) should contain neutral colors that aren’t too dark or busy. Colors such as cream, taupe, or gray are good choices, especially when they’re on the lighter end of the spectrum. Neutral shades make it easier for buyers to imagine what their own furnishings would look like in your home.

Considering selling your Flower Mound home? Keep these paint color tips in mind. While you may love that pumpkin colored bedroom, others may not find it so appealing. Painting is a simple, affordable way to make your home appealing to buyers.

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