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Cost Effective Home Improvement: Sell Your Flower Mound Home Fast

Are you a Flower Mound homeowner considering an update or two to your home? Are you looking to sell your Flower Mound home fast? Even if you are not placing your home on the market, it’s important to know which home improvement projects are most cost-effective, and make the biggest impact should you ever decide to sell your home. Many projects add value, so you not only sell your home quicker, but enjoy a better return!

As trusted Flower Mound real estate professionals, we want to help you make the smartest investment when it comes to home improvement projects, both for now and in the future.

The Cost vs. Value Report indicates that when it comes to home improvements, those done to the exterior of your home offer the most bang for the buck. Curb appeal is a huge factor to potential homebuyers, so it just makes sense to make the best possible first impression!

Exterior updates fall in the midrange and upscale categories, and include:

  • Entry door replacement
  • Siding replacement (fiber-cement)
  • Deck addition
  • Garage door replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Roofing replacement

Not surprisingly, many of these exterior projects allow homeowners to recoup a substantial portion of their investment because of the increase in value of their homes. For instance, replacing an entry door may cost you more than $1,000, but should you decide to sell you will likely recoup more than 80% of the cost. Replace the siding on your Flower Mound home with a fiber-cement product, and should you sell, you can expect to recoup 85% or more of your investment!

The most popular indoor home improvement projects by far are remodeling of the kitchen or bathrooms. While you are still adding value to your home, you can expect to recoup only about 64% to 73% on these projects. However, when it comes to the interior of your home these two rooms are the most important to potential buyers, so if it’s time for an update, it will definitely be beneficial should you ever decide to sell!

At Team Nelson, we’re all about homes whether you are selling, looking for your dream home, or simply doing a little renovating. Call our team of Flower Mound realtors today for all of your needs – and remember, buy a home through our team, we’ll sell your home for free.

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