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How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Dallas Home?

Cost To Sell Dallas Home

Most homeowners never really consider the cost when it comes time to sell a Dallas home, and there are costs involved. If you’re like most people, you are seeing dollar signs based on your mortgage balance, and your home’s estimated value. As experienced Flower Mound real estate agents, we want to enlighten you about some of the substantial costs you may face in selling your home – and how you can reduce these costs.

Before investing thousands in renovations, consult with your realtor. Certainly it would increase the appeal and value of your home to remodel the kitchen or a bathroom, but it may not be necessary. Clearing the clutter, ridding your home of too many personal items such as photos, organizing the closets, painting, replacing drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, and deep cleaning can go a long way in boosting your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

Cut spending when your home goes on the market. In order to sell your home quickly, it’s important for your realtor to show it as often as possible. Instead of boarding your pet, arrange for a friend or family member to keep it during showings, or take it with you when possible. Plan ahead so that you will be prepared if your home is shown during meal time, and it’s impossible to cook. Instead of spending a lot of money eating out, take a few “picnic” items with you such as a loaf of bread, cheese, fruit, crackers, etc. Or better yet, make plans to eat with friends and help with the cooking. Eating out at restaurants can get very expensive!

Some costs that aren’t negotiable include unpaid property taxes, the balance on your home loan, even homeowner association dues that may be outstanding. However, you may be able to negotiate closing costs, and in most cases buyers pay most of this cost.

Commissions paid to your listing agent may also be negotiable, however it is important to keep in mind the expertise and quality of your agent. While commissions vary and go up to about 6% of the sale price, remember that when you work with a capable realtor, it may be possible to get more for your home than you initially thought.

At Team Nelson, our Dallas real estate agents want to help sellers keep costs as low as possible, however it is important to keep in mind that there are costs associated with selling a home. Call us today for more tips on how to keep costs down.

What People Are Saying

  • We had recently moved to Texas and when we decided to build, we were introduced to Kevin. Having Kevin (and team) walk us through local and state nuances was invaluable. The direction and guidance throughout the process was nothing less than stellar. Being in the mortgage/real estate business for...

    ally m stewart Avatar
    ally m stewart

    Had the BEST experience with this team!!! Selling my home was super EASY and FAST. The paperwork process was a breeze! This team really knows their stuff. I'm VERY IMPRESSED!

    Lovely Melodies Avatar
    Lovely Melodies

    What more can you say about a team who goes much more than the extra mile? Actually knowing their customer and what they are looking for is an approach not often seen in the market. Their team approach is also very relevant in their sharing of data, information and overall approach to customer satisfaction. One also has to mention their knowledge of the area and market to sum up a fantastic buying experience.

    Will Starnes Avatar
    Will Starnes
  • The Nelson Team was GREAT !!!! They sold our house in less than 24 hours. The first offer did not work as the buyer chose a different house but the second offer was even better. It saved us over $2000. We are loving our new house.

    user1375608 Avatar

    I loved working with Kevin and his group at Your Home Free. I sold my house and bought a new one through him. We could only meet after work and he was always available to show us houses. He put his opinion into homes and provided insight that we wouldn't have though about. He was very easy...

    shsugrad Avatar

    Highly recommend Bill and his team. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and the hardest working team in North Texas. Love how they use technology to showcase the homes. Would definitely use Bill and team in the future

    Ed Mountain Avatar
    Ed Mountain
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