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Wondering Why Your Dallas Home Isn’t Selling? We Can Help

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Dallas and the North Texas housing markets have been hot for a long time, but your home has been lingering on the market for months while others are selling like hotcakes. Why is that? Our Dallas real estate professionals know that in the majority of cases a home will typically go into contract within six showings, so if your home has been shown to several potential buyers and is still on the market it’s likely one of two things – the condition of your home, or the price.

Before we go on, there’s also the possibility that your real estate agent isn’t marketing your home properly, using all of the tools at his or her disposal to make sure your home is getting plenty of positive exposure. Choosing the right agent is key to selling your home as quickly as possible at the right price.

Even if your home isn’t in the best condition, it will sell as long as it’s priced right. You can’t compare your home to others similar to it if yours has a kitchen or bathrooms that haven’t been updated since the 80s. Take into consideration any repairs or upgrades that could make your home more attractive to potential buyers. If other comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for $250,000 it doesn’t mean yours will if it needs a new roof or is otherwise in shabby condition. You can either make upgrades that will make your home more appealing, or lower the price.

All of this considered, it’s also important to make your house as light, bright and airy as possible. Open up the blinds, clear out all of the clutter, and show your home in the best light possible. Make sure it’s spotless and remove items associated with your family such as pictures so potential buyers can more easily picture themselves in your home.

Price is the next reason a home won’t sell. It’s critical to learn what comparable homes are selling for so that you can set a fair price for your home. Lots of sellers make the mistake of basing the price on what they want for it, which may be too high for the local market. Even if you’ve replaced the roof and had a new HVAC system installed, your home won’t sell for tens of thousands more if it still has and out-of-date kitchen or bathrooms.

If you home needs to be renovated, set a selling price that reflects its condition. Buyers aren’t intimidated by a home that needs to be upgraded if the price is right – especially if they’re the type who enjoy doing a little work themselves. Many buyers actually want a home that needs a little remodeling if the price reflects this, as they can make upgrades that reflect their own style and design tastes.

At Team Nelson our DFW real estate agents are dedicated to helping you sell your home as quickly as possible. Need guidance to ensure your Dallas home won’t be one of those that sits on the market for months or even longer? Give us a call today!

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We love using Team Nelson to buy and sell homes! The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Tara has been are go to for anything we need to know about local market and market trends. They will schedule a meeting in person at your home and give you honest expectations of the sell of your home. They meet and often exceed the expectations they set for their customers.
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