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In The Hot Dallas Housing Market, Is It Wise To Buy Or Sell?

dallas housing market

There’s no doubt the Dallas housing market is bubbling today; in fact it’s almost at a boil! Does this mean it’s the perfect time for you to jump in and buy a home, or sell the one you currently live in? Before you do, get expert guidance from our Dallas real estate professionals and consider the following.

Is your market at its peak? You may be able to determine the market is hot if you’re someone who delves deeply into financial news on a daily basis, but it’s generally not so easy for sellers or buyers to know if a market is peaking. Even when a market is healthy and increases in value are in the double digits over the last year, it isn’t always wise to make a hasty decision.

Think about other factors and not only the fact that the market is red-hot. Real estate is one of the biggest investments most people make, and it’s emotionally charged. After all, a house is our home. It’s where memories are made, where our children make friends and go to school, where life happens. Consider whether you’re close to retiring or whether you may some day want to give your children your home, or even rent it out for income. Just be aware there are many other factors to consider before you base your decision to buy or sell on the single fact that the market is sizzling.

Homeownership today isn’t what it was in the 90s. Once upon a time, many homeowners could “grow into” a mortgage with raises in income or wages. Today, not so much.

It’s also important to consider that refinancing in the future may not be so easy for a buyer, considering low mortgage rates. With mortgage rates historically low, it’s not advisable to buy a huge home thinking you can achieve a lower payment in the future by refinancing, because odds are you won’t save money even if you can refinance.

Ultimately, the decision to buy or sell a home based solely on the fact that the real estate market is bubbling in your area is not a smart one. Take into consideration all of the factors, benefits, costs, and make a smart decision after taking your time to weigh the pros and cons.

At Team Nelson, our Dallas real estate agents are always available to help guide you when it comes to decisions regarding the purchase or sale of a home. Contact us today for all of your real estate needs!

What People Are Saying

  • This team did an amazing job helping my family move from Atlanta to Flower Mound, TX. I normally do not write reviews but Team Nelson of Your Home Free made our daunting process extremely smooth. Thank you Bill!

    Training Education Avatar
    Training Education

    We are in the home construction business, so this review has two sides, ours and the many customers we work with. Team Nelson has assembled a team that understands that your time is your money. They apply all of their trade secrets to turn your project in a very timely manor whether in a purchase or sale -- and at a price matched by no others. Try them once as we did many years ago and you will never leave them...

    Butch Honse Avatar
    Butch Honse

    My wife and I used Your Home Free to sell our home and they made the process so simple and painless. This was our first time to sell a home and we had a lot of questions. They responded immediately to all of our questions and or concerns. I would recommend Your Home Free to my anyone that is...

    matthew beroth Avatar
    matthew beroth
  • Awesome experience working with Team Nelson! Their service was first class every step of the way and they charged me NOTHING to sell my house. My new house was built by Darling Homes and their fee came out of Darlings pocket not mine.. I got an offer the first day my house was listed for $7,000 over my asking price! Really impressed with Mr. Nelson’s company and team of first class Realitor’s!

    Sam Wolfe Avatar
    Sam Wolfe

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for Team Nelson on their professionalism and quality-oriented work ethics; both are of the highest standard. During the process of buying a home I dealt with several Team Nelson members, though had the most interaction with Kevin E., and they never faltered in the level of professionalism and constant communication. Kevin showed a level of commitment and service that is sought after in any field. Though I am not a real estate expert I have purchased and sold other properties and genuinely appreciate their expertise. I would certainly recommend Team Nelson to anyone.

    Wyatt L. Avatar
    Wyatt L.

    It was a pleasure to work with the Nelson Team in the purchase of our new home! We received helpful information upfront from Bill that the home we wanted was a Relocation and that affected the price we offered. The paperwork was expedited and everyone was professional and pleasant. We felt we...

    helenskp Avatar
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