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Dallas Real Estate – Dallas Ranks High On Numbeo For Quality Of Life

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At Team Nelson, we already know the DFW area offers a great quality of life – but we also know that lots of people like lists compiled by research and data sites that collect the data that supports their claims. Recently, Dallas came in 11th place among North American cities for offering a great quality of life, according to Numbeo.

Before we share the details that made Dallas rank just short of the top 10, we thought you would be interested in learning which cities ranked worst. According to reports, Detroit ranked at the bottom of the list due to a number of factors. The largest city in Michigan was found to be the worst as far as pollution, buying power and health care; it also had the worst commute time, and was deemed the least safe of all cities compared in the report.

Who else had low rankings? New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Philadelphia in the U.S., and Toronto, Regina and Winnipeg in Canada.

So, what earned Dallas one of the top spots for quality of life? Health care, purchasing power, cost of living, safety, climate and other factors put Dallas on the list just ahead of Seattle with an index score of 188.82. One Texas city, Austin, made the top 10 list at number 7.

Top 10 cities on the index according to Numbeo are Raleigh, NC, Madison, WI, Charlotte, NC, Ottawa, Canada, Columbus, OH, Victoria, Canada, Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, San Jose, CA and Quebec City, Canada. Other U.S. cities ranking lower for quality of life include Phoenix and Chicago.

Those who live anywhere in the Dallas area enjoy a great quality of life; people are headed to the metro in droves because of career opportunities, quality of education, ethnic and cultural diversity and more. Whether you choose Frisco, University Park, Allen, Plano, Richardson, Murphy, Flower Mound or another suburb, you’ll find it’s the most satisfying place you have ever lived!

If you’re interested in one of the country’s most popular cities, give our Dallas real estate pros a call today.

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