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Dallas Real Estate – Small Spaces In Your Home? Pro Tips

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If you haven’t yet found the perfect home in North Texas, our real estate professionals can help. If you have purchased a home and have a room or two you wish was a bit bigger, not to worry. There are lots of things you can do to visually expand your spaces, and we have four of the best tips below!

Declutter – and do it ferociously. We aren’t talking about picking up a few items, we’re talking getting rid of every single item that doesn’t enhance the look and feel of your spaces. Even if you use ottomans, benches, or other furniture that’s multi-purpose and provides storage, move it to the storage shed (or even throw it away). If it hasn’t been used in six months or years, it’s time to scrap it.

Don’t be afraid to use oversized art and mirrors to expand your space. An oversized mirror or piece of artwork on a small wall can make a room look larger than it actually is, while making a statement. Mirrors, whether large or a grouping of smaller mirrors, add light and reflect your space, making it appear spacious and bright. A bookcase that extends from one wall to another, or from the floor to the ceiling, also makes spaces appear wider and adds height.

Take a room with a gorgeous view outdoors. Why stop on the inside? If you have a large window or patio doors affording a beautiful view, continue the look by using coordinating colors in furnishings and rugs designed for use outdoors. Let the outdoors in by opening up shades, blinds, or curtains so natural light flows in, which further opens up the room and gives it a more spacious feel. Today, many homeowners are integrating indoor and outdoor spaces – living doesn’t stop when you step outdoors!

Simple, clean lines and light or neutral colors provide an open, airy feel. From floors to walls and furnishings, try to stick to a monochromatic palette, incorporating neutrals and light colors. Additionally, the fewer floor “breaks” or changes in flooring/color from room to room, the more spacious your rooms will appear.

There are lots of ways to make small spaces look and feel more spacious than they actually are, in terms of square footage. Even when you don’t live in a “tiny” home, some rooms can feel claustrophobic! These tips will help you create an open, spacious, inviting atmosphere.

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