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Buying Dallas Real Estate? Things You Shouldn’t Let Bug You

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Usually sellers try to have their homes looking their best when they put them on the market – clearing the clutter, removing personal photos and other items, deep cleaning, etc. However, not every seller does this; some choose to just leave things as they are considering they’re still living in the house. You may come across some strange or even weird things when shopping for a home in the North Texas area, but don’t let it scare you away from potentially finding the perfect home.

As experienced Dallas real estate professionals, we’ve seen it all. Here’s what we mean.

Loud wallpaper or worn out/dirty carpet. Wallpaper with loud colors or too-bold design, shag carpet from 30 years ago – you know what we’re talking about. While you want a home you can just move in to, don’t let these minor renovations prevent you from buying the home of your dreams. Painting and replacing the carpet are fairly easy, don’t take much time, and aren’t generally expensive projects. Once done, the home will be like new and ready for your family!

The seller’s constant presence can be disturbing, however it could be a benefit to you. Sometimes sellers are always around; at home at every showing. Sellers who are constantly lurking around the corner often unknowingly sabotage the sale of their home. There may be family pictures on every available space on the wall, which makes it even more difficult for you to picture your family in the home. When the seller’s presence makes you uncomfortable, it could work to your advantage. Try to see through the mess, and realize you may be able to secure the home for less than the asking price. Sellers who are constantly present often have homes that sit on the market far longer than they should, simply because buyers can’t feel free to really explore the home at a showing. Take advantage of the situation!

What about the dining room that’s been transformed into a gym? People are different, and often use rooms for what you might think are strange purposes. That bedroom that’s being used for a storage shed or huge walk-in closet? Ignore it. Homeowners often use rooms in a way that suits their own lifestyles, but again you have to look through it and realize that if you were to live in the home, you would use it the way YOU want to use it.

Ultimately, sometimes you have to forget who lives in the home and ignore the strange or weird things you can change once it’s yours. When you finally find a home with a floor plan and design you love in the perfect location, consider how you can make it your dream home and simply try to ignore its current state.

At Team Nelson, we understand how difficult it is to find that perfect home in North Texas, particularly given that homes are flying off the market nearly as fast as they hit it today. Let us help you find a home that’s perfect for you and your family!

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We love using Team Nelson to buy and sell homes! The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Tara has been are go to for anything we need to know about local market and market trends. They will schedule a meeting in person at your home and give you honest expectations of the sell of your home. They meet and often exceed the expectations they set for their customers.
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