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Dallas Real Estate Tips – Should You Hire a Home Stager?

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As experienced Flower Mound realtors, we know that having a professional home stager absolutely helps homeowners sell their homes faster – but there are lots of variables. Potential buyers are looking for homes they can actually see themselves living in, which is what professional home stagers are experts in. However, your own decorating skill and savvy, time, budget, and other factors also determine whether home sellers take this step or not.

Should you hire a home staging pro? The answer is, it depends.

Is it worth the money, time, and effort to hire a professional? Maybe not, if you’re pretty handy as a stylist yourself, or your home is already designed in a way that others could envision themselves living there. If you prefer to stage your home yourself, clean thoroughly, remove personal mementos or decor others may consider “quirky,” splash on a new coat of paint, declutter, and reduce the amount of “stuff” in your home.

One primary reason sellers use professional stagers is the amount of inventory they have in terms of artwork, decorative accents, textiles (rugs, throws, etc.), even furniture. The amount of inventory most professional stagers have is astounding, and they use this inventory to make your home its most attractive and appealing to potential buyers.

If you need some heavier renovation done before putting your home on the market, professional stagers are also very adept at working with carpenters, painters, and contractors. This ensures that the finished result is one that will be seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

We mentioned budget earlier. Do you have hundreds or even a few thousand dollars to spend on a professional home stager? If you do, by all means go for it – it could mean selling your home much faster. However, if you don’t have that kind of money and are fairly talented yourself when it comes to decor, you may want to take care of staging on your own.

At Team Nelson, our team of Dallas real estate agents are dedicated not only to helping you sell your home, but getting it ready to sell. Need someone to look at your home through different, more experienced eyes to help determine if you need a professional stager? Give us a call today!

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