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Dallas Realtors – Words That Add Appeal To Home Listings

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When trying to sell your Frisco or Dallas-area home, how you word your listing means everything! You want the description and details of your home to be their most appealing to potential buyers. While homes in North Texas are selling like hotcakes, the words you use in your home listing can make the difference between a quick sell, and a home that stays on the market longer than you’d like. As experienced real estate professionals, we have a few tips that will help you “reel in” a slew of prospective buyers!

First of all, be sure to use proper grammar and check your spelling. This is particularly important when listing your home online (which you should be), as Google is not nearly as forgiving when it comes to search engine listings as people. Use spell check, proper grammar, and punctuation – there are tools you can use to check all of these, and no matter what else you do, NEVER use all caps – this comes across as loud or even yelling to potential buyers, and search engines may mark your home listing as spam.

Be clear in your description. Yes, a fireplace sounds nice, but does it actually burn wood? Hardwood floors are all the rage today, but be more specific when possible. For instance, if you have Brazilian walnut floors, say so. “Gourmet” is a very appealing word as well if you’ve recently renovated your kitchen. Make your listing special, one that stands apart from ordinary. If your home has a finished basement, use inviting words such as “lower-level rec room.”

Location, location, location. In your listing, that is. Who wants to dig down deep to find where a home is actually located, or whether the garage is separate or attached? Being upfront will get you miles ahead of the competition, and Google prefers listings that contain specific information such as a street address, neighborhood, and city. Include this information in the front of your ad, and again at the end. You’ll do well in search engines.

Move-in ready? This is a phrase that’s hot when it comes to catching a buyer’s eye, and should be used when all of the major renovations such as an updated bath or kitchen are complete. Include the details of upgrades in your listing as well, even if it’s something as simple as a new roof or kitchen cabinets/countertops.

Another popular phrase buyers look for is “open floor plan,” as many people are looking for homes with family/living rooms and kitchens that are open and create a large gathering space. If anything in your home is custom built or designed such as a deck, tile flooring, or even the entire home, be sure to mention it!

Making your home listing as appealing as possible is critical to capture the attention of those looking for just what you have to offer. Follow the tips above, and sell your Frisco or Flower Mound home in days instead of weeks.

At Team Nelson, our Dallas realtors do everything possible to help sellers and buyers reach your desired outcome. Contact us today for all of your real estate needs!

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