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Decorating Your New Flower Mound Home – Where NOT To Look For Ideas

decorate your new flower mound home

You’ve purchased a beautiful home in Flower Mound, one that’s perfect for you and your family. Now the real fun begins – designing the interior spaces and making them your own. While it’s exciting to imagine various decor schemes in your new home, there are a few places many people look for inspiration that they should actually avoid. If you’re one of the many who think you’ll flip through the pages of a home design magazine for inspiration, you may want to re-think your decision!


Decorating and design magazines do indeed cover some amazing homes that real people live in, but the photos they include are not a true depiction of the home. In most cases, home design professionals have had boxes of decor shipped in for the photo shoot to give it that impossibly gorgeous appeal. You cannot compare real living with these photos! Everyone has a pile of paper somewhere in their homes, and a “junk” drawer. Be realistic.

Another place not to look for design ideas? Your neighbor’s house. Do you want your home to feel like your neighbor’s home, or your own? Chances are your neighbor will not appreciate your copying his/her personal style, and the more you look at your neighbors’ homes around the block, the harder it will be to develop your own unique style. Use what you have and love the most; do away with decor pieces you aren’t really that crazy about.

Avoid model or “staged” homes. While you might think that the way a home is staged for selling must include the latest trends in decorating, this is not the case. A staged home is decorated in a way that attracts the average home buyer. Often bland, plain, and lacking in personality, a model home is decorated by a professional whose career is in staging. These homes aren’t designed to appeal to a person’s personal taste preferences, but a wide audience of potential buyers.

It’s also never a good idea to let your “alter ego” take over when it comes to home design. Sure, we all have that hidden side where ideas that are a little over the edge live – but if you let those ideas take over when it comes to home decorating, it may be like the time you decided to make a drastic change with your hairstyle – you wish you could undo it.

As trusted Flower Mound real estate agents, we understand the excitement of moving into a new home and making it your own. Take your time, have patience, and gradually build on your own personal decor style. Even the most renowned artists didn’t create their most inspiring works of arts in a day! Need more tips for decorating your new Flower Mound home? We’ve got you covered.

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    We were faced with an unexpected relocation for my career, right as Covid-19 was beginning it’s impact on the economy. Team Nelson came in and with their market expertise, put our house at the correct price point and with their marketing approach, we were under contract at the full amount in 5 days. The “Team” in Team Nelson couldn’t be more accurate. They have a team of professionals who supported us throughout the entire buying/selling/negotiation process.

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    We were very particular since this was our first house. Within hours of being notified, Kevin would set up visits. When we couldn't agree to terms, Kevin always offered a solution, but also knew when to walk away. We were very please with Kevin's abilities and we'll use him again on the next one.

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    Worked extremely fast and helpful! Always kept in contact and upto date on info! Kelly always let us know what was being said between her and the other realtor and helped us out in all our questions! Absolutely loved her!

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