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DFW Homeowners – Surprising Perks That Entice Buyers To Pay More

dfw homeowners

Whether or not you’re trying to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth home, there are a few relatively small things that can increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. When it comes to a home, you’d be surprised at what people are willing to pay a bit more for! We’ve listed a few of these perks below – some are even easy changes you can make yourself!

Does your kitchen or bathroom incorporate shades of blue? Color makes a much greater impact than most people believe, and blue shades in cabinetry, wallpaper or accents can fetch you an extra few thousand dollars according to Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis. Just when you thought white kitchens were all the rage…

How far away is the nearest Starbucks? Believe it or not, living near a Starbucks is worth paying more for a home for some. Are we a country addicted to our Frappuccinos, lattes and espresso?

Is your home located in the metro area, or fairly close to it? Urban homes are worth substantially more in today’s real estate market than those in the suburbs or rural areas, so if you’re close to the DFW metro your home is likely appreciating in value quickly!

Shaker cabinets, subway tiles, or barn doors? There are some very trendy features that can add value to your home and that potential buyers scour the listings for. Rustic sliding barn doors are hot, along with farmhouse sinks, subway tile and shaker cabinets.

It’s about much more than curb appeal when it comes to selling your home; when the outside is neat and visually enticing, the inside is usually just as inviting. While you can’t really do anything about where your home is currently located (near the city or a Starbucks) you CAN make other changes to cabinets, colors, floors and other features potential buyers notice most!

At Team Nelson we know it’s a tough market and the inventory of available homes in the DFW area seems to be shrinking. DFW homeowners shouldn’t have a hard time selling their home – but you may even be able to get more than you thought by keeping the above in mind. Let our Dallas real estate professionals help you get the most for your biggest financial asset.

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