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DFW Real Estate – Are Homeowners Tired Of The White Kitchen In 2018?

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For several years now the all-white kitchen has been the most popular among homeowners, mostly for its clean, bright, spacious look and feel. Could it be that homeowners (and potential buyers) are growing weary of this somewhat bland look? As DFW real estate professionals we know trends come and go – and it seems this one, after quite some time, is going. While the white won’t completely fade out, homeowners are ready to incorporate a little color back into the most-used room of the house!

Depending on your age, you may remember the 70’s when Avocado Green was all the rage. Now we think back (sometimes with horror) to those days when it was the have-to-have color in kitchen appliances and even cookware. So what can we expect in 2018? The white will still be there, however it’s all about contrast and spaces that are more distinctive.

Painted cabinets have been popular for years regardless of whether the color was white, however Mitchell Parker, editor and writer at Houzz, predicts richer palettes will be created in the kitchen with warm, sophisticated wood tones. Another trend that began last year and continues to become more popular is the use of neutral blue and gray shades in the kitchen and even the bath.

Homeowners are incorporating a pop of color into their kitchens by using soft blue and gray shades in lower cabinetry while leaving top cabinets, counters, shelves and other areas white. This makes for a kitchen that while still clean and spacious is more visually appealing. Picture white in nearly every element of the room, a large island atop wood flooring rich in colorful bottom cabinetry; the look is stunning.

While this is the biggest trend in kitchen color right now, some homeowners are choosing to go a bit bolder by incorporating more wood (for instance, island counter tops) and deep, rich colors like dark red. In contrast to white cabinetry deep red makes a bold, beautiful statement.

White hasn’t gone away, homeowners have simply grown weary of the blandness of a sea of white everywhere you look. Pops of color add fresh appeal and give spaces more depth, while the white helps maintain the fresh and open look of the kitchen.

As real estate agents in the DFW area if there’s one thing we know it’s that nothing ever stays the same! Whatever style of home you’re looking for we can help you find it. Give Team Nelson a call today, and finally realize your dream.

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