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Homeowners in North Texas: Do You Need a Home Warranty

homeowners in north texas

You may already own a home, or perhaps you’ve got your eye on the home of your dreams and have made an offer. Regardless of the situation, do homeowners in North Texas need a home warranty – and what is it, really?

Basically, a home warranty is like insurance that covers repairs or replacement of any system in your home that may malfunction. In most cases, the cost or “premium” falls between $300 and $900 annually. The benefits of having a home warranty is that when a problem occurs, the warranty company takes care of it. You simply call the provider, or in many cases you can submit a ticket on the Internet. The company then works with their chosen service providers and has someone come take care of the issue for you, whether it requires repair or for example, replacement of a malfunctioning appliance. While you may have a co-pay of about $50 or so, the premium you pay covers costs.

Who needs a home warranty most?

First-time home buyers often benefit, as many Millennials and Gen X/Y buyers who have been renting a home or apartment are not familiar with making repairs or replacing broken systems – the landlord has always taken care of problems. A home warranty is really a good option for any homeowner, particularly those who aren’t “handy” when it comes to repairs, who don’t want to face huge repair or replacement costs, or who work long hours and simply do not have time to make endless calls for quotes or to wait around the house for hours for a repairman to show up.

In some cases, a home warranty is purchased by a real estate agent as a closing gift for clients who purchase a home. Additionally, just as with any other purchase you’ll want to compare coverage and premiums before you jump in and purchase a home warranty.

During the first year of owning a new home, many people are short on both money and time. This is the ideal time to consider a home warranty.

Team Nelson is a team of professional Flower Mound real estate agents providing guidance for those looking to buy or sell a home in the North Texas area. Give us a call with your questions regarding a home warranty, or let us help you find your dream home today!

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