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Dallas Real Estate – Moving To The Dallas Area? Effective Moving Tips!

At Team Nelson, our Dallas real estate agents understand that for many people, moving to a new home is a real hassle. The worst part? Packing up all of your belongings, then wondering where everything is when you arrive at your new home. If you’re moving to Frisco, Denton, Flower Mound, Highland Village, or any city near the Dallas-Ft.Worth metro area, we have a few “odd” tips to help make the move easier.

Real plates on foam plates. Packing up the dishes can really be a job; you don’t want to break your dinnerware! Instead of wrapping your plates in newspaper, buy some disposable Styrofoam plates and place one between each of the real plates. Voila!

Take pictures. There may be certain displays you have now in your home, such as a China cabinet or breakfront, where the items inside are arranged “just so.” How will you get everything to fit and back in its place when you arrive at your new home? Pictures! Pictures also come in handy should anything get damaged in the move and you need proof for the insurance company.

Stemware and socks. This may sound strange, but it’s great. For breakables such as wine glasses, socks make for great protection – and you’re cutting down on moving supplies and space. Think about which of your belongings may be useful in protecting other, more delicate or breakable belongings.

Ditch the box labeling. Sure, you can spend hours labeling your boxes “kitchen,” “family room,” etc. – but why not use color dots? Create a legend designating which color is for what room, then just stick a colored dot on the carton. Colored duct tape can be used as well. Easy-peasy!

Leave the television for last. Unpacking the TV first isn’t such a great idea; you’re likely to get sidetracked and find yourself sitting on the sofa, rather than unpacking those boxes. After all of the unpacking is done, unpack the television, sit back, and enjoy your new surroundings knowing that most of the work is behind you.

You may also want to consider using old sheets to cover the mattress, sofa, etc. to protect your property from stains and tears, or bagging a cluster of hanging clothes in a trash bag secured around the hangers for faster, easier moving.

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