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Features Can Make Selling Your Flower Mound Home Difficult

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There are certain features in high-end homes that buyers love, and would include themselves if they were building a custom home. However, there are other amenities that could actually work against you when trying to sell your Flower Mound home as well. Most homeowners aren’t aware that certain features could actually make it more difficult to sell their homes should they ever decide to. As trusted Dallas realtors, we wanted to share our thoughts on which amenities are a plus, and which may actually make your home harder to sell.

Of course, even those amenities that may turn off buyers won’t be a problem if you find the right buyer, so don’t let it discourage you too much if you have any of these features in your home!

Features buyers look for include:

Strong curb appeal. Who doesn’t love a perfectly manicured lawn and beautiful landscaping? Curb appeal is one thing, but strangely shaped hedges or complex water features are another. Not everyone likes landscaping that is a bit different or odd, so keep that in mind when selling your home.

Master bedroom with fully functioning walk-in closet. Most people in the market for a home are looking for a luxurious master bedroom featuring a large, boutique-style closet. Bedrooms should be given a lot of attention, as many people spend a substantial amount of time in these spaces.

A serene retreat – the bathroom. Steam showers, soaking tubs, even heated floors are features buyers look for. However, while a hot tub may be a good addition, one that seats six is going a bit too far!

Amenities that may not be so popular

In-ground swimming pools. There is no denying that many homebuyers actively look for a home with an in-ground pool, however for many, these types of pools are actually a drawback. Why? For one, maintaining an in-ground pool takes a substantial amount of time and effort, and can be costly. Families with young children often prefer not to have a pool as well, because of the potential dangers.

Wired for custom audio-video is a good thing, but deluxe stereo and home theater equipment, not so much. Today, the newest technological advances seem to go out-of-date in no time at all. What was big news one week may be old news within a few months or a year. Home theaters are wonderful if you intend to enjoy it with your own family for years to come, otherwise, it can be a drawback. Instead, think wiring for custom audio and video equipment, so that buyers will be all set for their own equipment upon moving in.

Every home is different, and we understand that there are many homes that include some of the not-so-popular amenities mentioned above. At Team Nelson, our job is helping find the right buyer for your home, and getting top dollar. Call our Flower Mound real estate agents today for help locating a buyer for your beautiful home!

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