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It’s Back! Flipping North Dallas Homes Is A Big Deal Again

House flipping has been a good way to make money for a long time. Until recently, the real estate investing market was hot, but not for the reason it is right now. In recent years, many investors were snatching up foreclosed properties, investing a bit in those “fixer uppers,” then renting them out for a pretty good ROI.

Because the housing market has improved so drastically, supplies of homes for sale have drastically increased – which means homes are no longer being sold at rock bottom prices. In fact, they’re being priced close to market value because banks realize the improvement in the market, and are no longer practically giving away homes. As North Dallas real estate agents who know the market well, we know that the area is hot; we also know that compared to the number of people looking to buy, there simply aren’t enough homes. If you’re into house flipping, there has never been a better time to flip North Dallas homes – but you have to buy it right.

We said there weren’t an abundance of homes in the north Dallas area for sale, but what we are talking is about nice, renovated, ready-to-move-in homes. There are plenty of homes out there that are outdated and in need of repairs. Buyers looking for a home in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area want a nice home that’s in good repair and ready to move into. If you’re into real estate investing, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you that will allow you to enjoy 15 to 20% or more ROI. Buying and flipping homes is back and better than ever! Buy older homes that need a bit of a facelift, then turn around and sell to those buyers in the market for a home that’s ready to move in.

Whether you’re interested in buying houses in the north Dallas area to flip, selling your home, or just need to know more about the real estate market or need help choosing the perfect home for your family, count on the professionals at Team Nelson. We’re the Flower Mound realtors that take a personal interest in every client, whether you’re looking for your dream home or want to make sure you get top dollar for your home.

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