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Floral Patterns For Your New North Texas Home

new north texas home

As experienced Flower Mound real estate professionals, we realize that most people who buy a home that’s previously been lived in have a few changes in mind in order to make the home their own. Whether painting a room to change up the mood or installing a new floor in the kitchen, there are countless things homeowners do to make their homes inviting, comfortable, and simply more beautiful. One thing you may not have thought about is floral patterns, and the impact they can have on your family’s happiness!

While neutral colors are always recommended in a home, sometimes things can become a little too dull or monochromatic. Incorporating flowers into your rooms can not only add dramatic pops of color, but even change how you feel in your home.

Colors have a tremendous effect on your mood, whether making you feel relaxed, energetic, romantic, or happy. Given that floral patterns can include any color you can imagine, you can boost the positive “vibes” in your home’s spaces.

Floral patterns are fun. Whether in throw pillows for the sofa; wallpaper; window shades; or a colorful flower in a vase adorning your nightstand, dining room table, or the coffee table in the living room; everyone feels a bit brighter and more playful when flowers lighten up the environment. They’re simply a great mood-booster!

Flowers are trending in design today. Hopefully you’re not thinking of the floral trends in the 70’s or 80’s, as today it’s all about interesting, versatile options that are bold, vibrant, and even dramatic when compared to the muted (and boring) floral trends of the past. Today there are no rules when it comes to floral – it’s your choice, and only you know what flowers, colors, and designs inspire you!

Nature is nurturing, which is why floral patterns are so popular today. In an era when many are focusing on natural, clean, organic, and sustainable in nearly every area of life, what could be more natural than flowers? Big patterns, small patterns, an entire wall or simple touches in throw pillows – it’s all up to you. Add color and a touch of nature to your home, and bring it to life in a big way!

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