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Flower Mound Real Estate – Tips For Decorating Your Home

You’re the proud new owner of a beautiful, upscale Flower Mound home – but now you want to make it your own! A house is just a house (although those in Flower Mound are fabulous) until you make it a home, a place where your family will feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to decorating, but if you’re fresh out of ideas or need a little help getting your creative juices flowing, we have some of the best decorating tips for 2013.

Ready? Here are some design tips that will inspire you:

Add unexpected color. This year, bright and bold is all the rage. Add unexpected color in the least expected places, and eliminate the clutter. Here’s an idea: have a bookcase? Clear out the books and other clutter that tend to accumulate on pieces of furniture like this, paint the inside orange, and it becomes a work of art all on its own! An orange throw pillow here and there on white furnishings is refreshing – and definitely makes a statement.

Make your “old” things new again. Transform old curtains into throw pillows; add a bold new color to an old picture frame. Instead of a plain white card shade for a table lamp, paint it a color that enhances your decor. Give a coffee table a distressed look by painting it a soft pastel, then sanding in places where it would naturally “wear” such as edges and legs.

Consider a shiny “high gloss” ceiling. A big trend in 2013 is a ceiling that’s polished! Instead of “ceiling white,” why not a ceiling that shines and reflects your beautiful living room in a bold color? Benjamin Moore offers some amazing colors that will put a new spin on painting – who knows, you may even enjoy it!

“Saturate” your rooms in color. Thanks to technologies such as high-definition TV, computer screens, Photoshop and other gadgets that have amped up our sense of vision, bright hues that are saturated with color are “in” in a big way! Have a pre-teen daughter who loves pink? Include shades from the most pastel pink to “hot” pink and throw in a splash of orange for a look that’s feminine and rich. White trim on pink walls pop; a striped spread and patterned throw pillows piled on the bed make for a room any girl would fall in love with.

There are all kinds of decor trends for 2013, and the great thing is that anything goes! Mix up the style (who says traditional and modern don’t mix?), don’t be afraid of color, include rich textures and patterns that make your spaces come alive!

At Team Nelson, we’re not only the Flower Mound real estate agents that want to help you find your dream home, we love helping you make that new home uniquely yours! Call us today if you’re in the market for a distinctive home for your family.

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  • Bill Nelson and Team Nelson were absolutely amazing to work with! Bill came highly recommended from our lender as well as a personal friend, who used to be a Realtor. From our first conversation on the phone, I felt that Bill was definitely the right Realtor for us. He was very personable and...

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    Bill's team was able to sell my house in 4 days (cash offer) and they were able to secure an amazing new home for my Family. Kelly was amazing helping with all the required paperwork and the repairs. Casey was always available for us to view homes and get us inside the residence. I was impressed...

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    One word to describe Team Nelson would be AWESOME! I worked with Bill, Andra, Andrea and Kelly. They respond to e-mails and phone calls quickly and are experts in every aspect of buying and selling real estate. We used Team Nelson to sell our house and buy a new house within 30 days of each other....

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  • Team Nelson was the most responsive, professional, and personable aspect of the entire moving process. Each member involved in our transaction set all details in place like clockwork. Every every question or concern of ours, document revision and signing, scheduling of meetings and closings was...

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    The team was very professional and great to work with. The whole process was quick and done in a timely manner. They sold our house within 2 days from listing and the closing was super fast. They are very experienced with selling your house

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    Bill is most experienced realtor I ever hired. He is always responsive and his team is always hospitable.

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