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Flower Mound Realtors Reveal 4 Mistakes You Want To Avoid

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As real estate agents who know all too well the mistakes home buyers make in purchasing a home, we want to share some of the biggest mistakes so you can avoid them entirely. At Team Nelson, our Flower Mound realtors are dedicated to helping you find the home that is ideal for your family, both inside and out. Here are a few tips that will help ensure you aren’t asking yourself, “Why did I buy this house?” a few months down the road.

Location, location, location. Sure, you may have found a home that’s the perfect size, with the perfect floor plan, great curb appeal, all of the right features. It’s beautiful inside and out, but what about the office complex or movie theater that backs up to it? Perhaps the lots are a little closer than you’d like, your neighbors are really loud, or the commute to work proves to be just too much. This will quickly spoil your dream – turn, and walk away.

The exterior is exquisite, but don’t forget about the floor plan? Many potential buyers fall in love with the exterior and curb appeal of a home, even though the floor plan may not be exactly ideal. The inside of a home is where your family lives, so be sure it’s comfortable and appealing. Look for spaces that are functional, open, and friendly. If you can make minor changes that will make the house perfect inside and out, great!

Families are all different, so think about how your family lives. Don’t forget to factor in your lifestyle. Whether you’re the Cleavers or an ultra-modern family, it is vital to think about how your family lives. For some, a television room for football-addicted dad and his buddies may be a must. A huge kitchen that is open to the family room is great if you frequently have get-togethers with family and friends. When it comes to the outside of your home, do you love yard work and gardening, or do you prefer a yard that will need very little maintenance? All of these things are important. Ultimately, you want a home that’s a good “fit” for your family.

Rushing into the purchase of a home. Just because a home is available that is within your budget, doesn’t mean you should jump in and buy it! There’s lots of homework to do, such as checking out the crime rate, area schools, tax rates, even the reputation of the builder if the home is a brand new home. Slow down – a home is a huge investment, and you don’t want to rush into a mistake!

At Team Nelson, our Flower Mound real estate agents want to help ensure the home you buy is the perfect home for you and your family, one you will love just as much 10 years from now as the day you move in. Give us a call for more tips, or if you need help finding your dream home!

What People Are Saying

  • Bill Nelson and his team were excellent and a pleasure to work with! They are very knowledgeable and responsive to all of my concerns and needs! I highly recommend them!

    hollyehileman Avatar

    We had a great experience with Team Nelson We received a full price offer and couldn’t be happier with the handling of the sell!

    gary pry Avatar
    gary pry

    I have bought and sold 3 homes with Bill and team. They have a well run staff who knows how to get things done. Bill is quick to return calls and very knowledgeable about the industry and market. Price recommendations are spot on as both a buyer and seller. Will use him again in a heartbeat.

    deb wyse Avatar
    deb wyse
  • Kevin was spot on with the value of the house that we sold and the home that we purchased. He told us from the beginning that the home that we were purchasing was over priced by approximately $20k and sure enough the appraisal came back at his estimate. His knowledge of the market saved us...

    justajeffrey Avatar

    Great realtor with great experience! I've bought and sold two houses with Team Nelson and both experiences have been great. I wouldn't go with anyone else!

    Allison Balla Avatar
    Allison Balla

    The Your Home Free team is very professional and efficient. They helped us through the entire process. I Highly recommend them and we will back for their service in the future.

    justin patzig Avatar
    justin patzig
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