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Flower Mound TX Real Estate – The Market’s Hot In 2012!

Things are starting to improve in the Flower Mound TX real estate arena! For much of 2012, the market has begun to look healthier than it has in years. New homes are popping up all over the Dallas metroplex areas; communities like Flower Mound, Keller and Denton are great markets for both sellers and buyers. Everyone’s happy, including buyers – and it shows in the economy. Finally, something to be happy and excited about for both those looking to buy or sell a home in the Dallas area!

So, what’s going on in the area? More communities are being introduced into the market by those “happy” builders, lenders are loosening their purse strings, and the job market is coming back strong. All good reasons to buy a Flower Mound or Denton home!

Here’s what’s going on around and about town, and why the real estate market is expected to continue its rebound through this last quarter of 2012:

  • Improved lending, better chances for renters to finally own their own homes. While home buyers continue to enjoy rock bottom interest rates, lenders have begun loosening their purse strings a bit. While strong credit scores and income are still essential to qualify for a loan, debt-to-loan ratios and down payments are less strict. Good news!
  • Strong job market. Since last year, the job market in the Dallas area has strengthened considerably. Residents are trading in their old jobs for better paying or more secure jobs. This means a greater chance of residents purchasing a home, great news for sellers. Relocation is also encouraged when the job market is strong, so new home builders stay busier building those beautiful new homes.
  • Rent is going nowhere but up! As rent gets higher, those renting wonder why they’re spending the same amount of money they could be paying on a mortgage. Essentially, renting is like setting your money on fire – it’s a waste. Demand for single family homes increases as renters make the decision to buy a home, always welcome news for builders.

The economy may not be in great shape yet, but the news is good all around for the Dallas real estate market! Count on the professionals at Team Nelson to help, whether you’re looking to sell your home or buy a beautiful home in the Flower Mound, Denton, Frisco or Keller areas.

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