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Frisco Homes – Live In The 6th Friendliest Town In The U.S.!

In December of last year, Frisco was named the 6th most friendly town in the United States according to survey results released by and Forbes. With a population of just over 121,000, this charming town sometimes referred to as the “Dallas Bubble” is a rapidly growing area centered around sports and community. If you’re considering Frisco homes, Frisco is highly rated in terms of friendly neighbors who work in unison to keep crime at a minimum and improve the quality of life for residents through the Neighborhood Watch Group.

How was it decided that Frisco was one of the friendliest towns in the United States today? Certain criteria was used in conducting the survey, including charitable giving of residents, crime rate, percentage of college graduates, and percentage of owner-occupied homes. To explain it a bit further, research has revealed that individuals who are college educated tend to vote and volunteer more than other folks do; in addition, they also tend to be more civic minded. It’s also been proven in studies that neighborhoods that have a larger percentage of homeowners vs. renters tend to be more stable, hence the percentage of owner-occupied homes coming into play in the survey. Forbes and gathered information to conduct the survey from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the FBI, U.S. Census and

As trusted Frisco realtors, we understand that surveys are simply other peoples’ opinions, but we agree this is a community that’s warm, friendly, and caring – but it’s also the ideal place to call home. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, love to shop, enjoy fine cuisine or enjoy a relaxing spa experience occasionally, you will see why Frisco is known as Texas’ Rising Star! Of course, the homes are beautiful, distinctive and welcoming, too. If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers security, elegance, plenty of fun and activities for the whole family and a community where neighbors look out for one another, consider Frisco real estate.

At Team Nelson, we’re dedicated to helping families find the perfect home. Let one of our talented Frisco real estate agents match you with the home of your dreams today!

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