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Frisco is One of DFW’s Biggest Boomtowns

The Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex is one of the fastest-growing regions in the entire U.S., and for good reason. Boasting lucrative job opportunities, luxurious new housing developments, and an endless list of restaurants, bars, and other things to do, it’s no wonder that people are relocating to DFW in droves. While there are a lot of amazing cities that make up the DFW area, few are as impressive as Frisco, TX.

Frisco is conveniently located in the northeastern part of the DFW metroplex, offering easy access to Dallas and the many bustling cities along the way. This North Texas city has expanded significantly over the last 10 years, nearly doubling in size in that time frame. More than just another Dallas suburb, Frisco has personality and community all its own, emerging from the unique neighborhoods, excellent schools, and distinctive business community. It’s no wonder that a city as business- and family-friendly as Frisco is as popular as it is.

Rapid Growth, Brand New Shopping Centers, Excellent Location

Frisco is home to approximately 215,000 affluent residents, most of whom are professionals employed in the DFW Metroplex. Just between 2 other swiftly growing cities, Denton and McKinney, Frisco is an ideal place for people looking for a city that has its own personality, but also offers proximity to other locales for day trips or date nights. But convenient location isn’t the only thing Frisco has to offer by any means. In fact, Frisco is considered by many around DFW to be one of the best cities for shopping in the North Texas area. Home to many high-end stores and numerous fantastic shopping centers, Frisco has a little something for everyone.

As far as homes go, there are many different styles of houses for sale in Frisco, TX, many of which fit well within the luxury home category. These upscale houses contain every amenity you should expect from a luxury home, in neighborhoods that are remarkably well-maintained. These affluent communities also provide backdrop for Frisco’s fantastic school system, which includes seven high schools, 37 elementary schools, and 13 middle schools in a district consistently rated 9 out of 10. Just about any way you look at it, Frisco is an incredible place to start a business, follow job opportunities, and raise a family.

Choosing from the Many Houses for Sale in Frisco, TX

As amazing a place to live as Frisco is, much of the city is made up of fairly new developments, keeping up with rapid population growth. Many of the neighborhoods are brand new, meaning that there’s not always a lot of information on them readily available. That’s where working with an experienced realtor can be valuable.

When you work with a realtor who knows the area well, you gain access to a lot of information on the area that you just can’t find without living there for a few years. By searching for your home with Team Nelson, you’re guaranteed to have all the latest information on Frisco, its schools, and its neighborhoods, ensuring that every choice you make will be well-informed. So reach out to us today, and we’ll help you start your home search the right way!

What People Are Saying

  • My husband and I were relocating to Colorado and were very unfamiliar with Denver. We're thrilled we got in touch with Zac because he made the process the easiest it could ever possibly be. We've purchased 2 homes in California before, and this was the easiest process. He was amazing with learning what we were looking for in a home, visiting the homes and sending us video walk-through tours while we were still out of town, and helped us find & close on the home of our dreams! Throughout the process, he was extremely responsive & easy to get ahold of, thoroughly answered all of our questions, and provided us great advice. The rest of his team that help with all the escrow and closing logistics were equally as helpful. On top of it all, they are just good, friendly people that are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!!

    Devon Gardner Avatar
    Devon Gardner

    Kevin was such a pleasure to work with! He was very patient with us and found us exactly what we were looking for in very little time. Everything was handled with the upmost professionalism. I highly, highly recommend working with Kevin and his agency.

    philneece Avatar

    Excellent experience with Casey and her team! I would definitely recommend! From the assistance in picking the best area for my first home to helping me understand the entire process, I felt taken care of and trusted I made the best decision possible.

    jtownsend1981 Avatar
  • Bill and Andra are some of the most knowledgeable and honest realtor's you will ever meet. What a GREAT team!!! I will use them for all of my real estate needs.

    Bill Blackshear Avatar
    Bill Blackshear

    Casey helped us buy our new home and made sure everything went smoothly! She made sure it was a stress free process.

    Misha Tritsch Avatar
    Misha Tritsch

    Bill, Emma, Andra and their team were awesome. I worried that free might mean subpar, but they were incredible! They were super responsive, professional and agressive in helping me to sell my house and helping me to find a new one. I very highly recommend you use their services if you want your real estate transaction to go smoothly.

    Jim beanner Avatar
    Jim beanner
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