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How To Enjoy Healthier Indoor Air In Your New DFW Home

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Indoor air quality is something that crosses our minds today, especially those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues. If you’re in the process of buying a new DFW home, you naturally want to keep it as clean and healthy as possible from the get-go. Our DFW real estate professionals have a few suggestions to help your family enjoy healthier indoor air in your new home.

First, consider having the HVAC system inspected. It’s natural to think the HVAC system in a home you’re buying is in good working order, but you don’t really know without having it inspected. Heating and cooling systems work to provide efficient ventilation (that’s the ‘V’ in HVAC), but it may be lacking if the system is older or dirty.

Take the dust mites out of the equation as much as possible. We know – dusting probably isn’t your favorite task, but it’s one that is important. Avoid clutter, as this only creates more spots for dust to accumulate. Dust the furniture regularly, wash your bedding every week or two in hot water (this kills dust mites), and consider anti-dust mite covers for your pillows and mattresses. All of this will help keep dust mites to a minimum, making for easier breathing and healthier indoor air.

Have the air ducts cleaned. The ducts are what deliver conditioned air into your home, and if they are accumulating dust, dirt, rodent droppings, or other debris it could be coming right into your indoor spaces each time the AC or heat comes on!

Cut down on the dander created by your fur babies. These days we love our pets more than every; they’re a part of our families. That said, the dander can really impact the quality of indoor air. Train your pets to stay off of the furniture and out of bedrooms/sleeping areas. If you have carpet, consider removing it as carpet is the perfect place for pet dander to collect – and no amount of vacuuming can remove the debris deep down in the fibers and pad. Wash your pet’s toys, bedding, towels and other items often to remove sticky pet dander.

If the home is 30 years old or older, have it inspected for asbestos. Never attempt to remove insulation, roofing tiles, adhesives or other materials in an older home yourself. If you’re thinking of remodeling, leave the asbestos to the professionals.

While it’s impossible to remove every dust mite or particle from the air inside your home, doing these things will help you enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air.

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