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Home Inspection Dallas Home – Doesn’t Guarantee Problems Don’t Exist

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As Dallas real estate professionals we know how important it is for potential buyers to have a home inspected; there are sometimes “hidden” issues that as a buyer, you may not see. Professional home inspectors are highly trained to detect potential problems you may not notice yourself, however it’s important to know that even professionals can’t spot some things. We’ve included a few of these “invisible” issues below.

HVAC equipment that’s on its last leg. Unless it acts up while you’re touring the home or having it inspected, you may not know there are problems. A home inspector can check to see if everything seems to be working at the time, however unusually hot temperatures may stress the system and cause it to fail.

Electrical issues. Considering electrical wires and connections are typically hidden behind walls, it’s almost impossible for an inspector to determine the cause of electrical problems. A light switch may not work, or you plug a lamp into an outlet and it won’t come on. You know there is a problem, but knowing where the disconnect is will likely be a mystery unless you have an electrician come in. This is not a problem a home inspector can diagnose in most cases.

Sewer lines that are damaged or partially blocked. Sewer lines run underground, so it isn’t possible to see what’s going on without using a camera for scoping our the sewer pipe, something home inspectors don’t normally do. A home inspection generally takes a few hours, and while the water-flow and fixtures are usually checked out, in situations like this the problem often doesn’t become apparent for some time. If you buy a home only to find out shortly thereafter there are problems with the sewer lines, don’t blame the home inspector!

Water leaks and structural issues. If a leak hasn’t existed in the roof/ceiling long enough to leave a stain, it’s impossible to know there is a leak unless it’s raining at the time of the home inspection. Plumbing leaks under a sink may not be evident if no one has lived in the home for some time and water hasn’t been turned on. Structural issues (for instance lumber that’s begun to deteriorate due to moisture in a wall) are often invisible as well. There are some things that just can’t be found during a home inspection without x-ray vision!

Even though there are some issues a home inspector may not find such as those above, it’s important to have an inspection performed as professionals can detect the majority of problems that could impact your decision to purchase the home or result in negotiating on price with the seller.

Team Nelson wants those in search of their dream home to be as educated and informed as possible so that your experience doesn’t turn into a nightmare. If you’re in search of the ideal Dallas home for your family, give our real estate agents a call today.

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