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How Dallas Home Buyers Can ‘Break’ Negotiation Stalemates

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As experienced real estate agents, we know sometimes sellers can be tough to crack! You’ve found the house of your dreams, and you really want it – but when it comes to negotiations, it seems you’re at a stalemate. As Dallas home buyers, there are a few tactics you can use that may help you get your way – and get that beautiful home!

Show the seller you can close the deal – fast. Creating a sense of urgency often works to “break down” the seller, so make the inspection contingency 10 days or less, rather than 15. Tightening up the timelines and proving to the seller you can close quickly will indicate you’re a solid buyer, and that you mean business!

Sweeten your offer with a “package” deal. Some sellers have an enormous amount of “stuff” to sell, such as a lawnmower, boat, even a camper or four-wheeler. Some sellers are moving to a new location where they don’t have room for everything, and some simply don’t want the hassle of moving it with them or having to try to sell all of those items separately. Offering to buy some of the additional items the seller doesn’t want to deal with can make your offer very appealing. If you don’t really need a riding lawnmower or camper, you can always sell it yourself. In the seller’s eyes, you’re solving their problems.

Save the seller money. Dropping the home warranty, or scratching off smaller repairs that need to be made according to the home inspection will help you close the deal, as making a few concessions shows your good will and willingness to negotiate.

Increase the earnest money. In most cases you won’t pay more by increasing the earnest money deposit, but in the eyes of the seller it looks like more cash in the pile! This is the easiest way to win a bidding war, and the seller will see that you’re a strong buyer who’s serious about closing the deal. With the right type of contract, the risk of losing the additional earnest money is very low considering the inspection, loan condition, appraisal, and other contingents in the majority of offers.

Sometimes it’s tough to negotiate with sellers who don’t want to give up anything. By using one or more of the strategies above, your chances of getting that dream home improve dramatically!

If you’re looking to buy a home in Flower Mound or other outlying Dallas suburb, count on the professionals at Team Nelson to help you get the perfect home for your family – and to provide guidance when negotiating with sellers seems impossible!

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