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Highland Village Real Estate – Should Buyers Write Letters?

At Team Nelson, our Highland Village real estate agents know that the housing market has made some great strides toward recovery in recent months, but what does that mean for you as a buyer? Homes are being snatched up quickly, so when you find your “dream home” it could be gone before you have time to pick up the phone and call the real estate agency. Before you panic, consider a technique that became popular over the last ten years: Writing letters to sellers describing your passion for their home, and why you want to make it your own.

It can be disheartening to see potential buyers constantly going in and coming out of a home you have your heart set on. While it’s always desirable to have the highest bid on a home, if your offer is closely in line with another buyer’s bid, what you say in your “love letter” could ultimately result in your winning the bidding war!

As experienced realtors specializing in Highland Village and Flower Mound real estate, we’ll give you a few examples of what sellers love to hear.

“We have fallen in love with the beautiful home you have created, and can just picture our family enjoying home-cooked meals together in your fabulous kitchen. Should you decide to choose our offer, we will be both ecstatic and deeply grateful.”

Sometimes it’s effective to make a connection with the seller on a deeper level, or even subtly reference your financial standing when writing a letter.

For instance, perhaps you have learned from the seller’s agent that they have a son who is currently in medical school. Your letter could say something like, “We have heard that your son is enrolled in medical school, how wonderful! We hope that your warm, comfortable home will leave our own children with a strong sense of home and life expectations.”

Or, if the price of the home will stretch your budget a bit but you cannot imagine living without it, let the seller know by communicating it subtly, such as “We view your home as the home our family will live in for the rest of our lives, not as a property investment. Even though our offer is a bit of a stretch, the appeal and how you have designed your house as a comfortable, welcoming refuge is the most important aspect in our buying decision.”

While there are no promises this will land you your dream home, there have been instances in which a seller chose a potential buyer who wrote a letter expressing their feelings, rather than the one with the highest bid! Just a friendly idea we wanted to throw out to our readers.

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