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Listing Photos Play A Critical Role In Buyers’ Interest In Your DFW Home

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We’ve all heard the old adage, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” When it comes to listing your DFW home for sale, the photos are worth much more than that! Listing photos are the first impression buyers will get of your home as they browse the web, so it’s vital to get it right. Our DFW real estate professionals have a few tips to help your photos jump right out of the listings and attract the attention of buyers.

Make sure you include a shot from the curb. Curb appeal is SO important; potential buyers want to see your home from a distance in relation to everything around it, not to mention the landscape. This is the one shot that determines whether they’ll keep looking at other photos. Make it a clear, level shot so that the roofline is straight and not at an angle, and make sure there are no cars, animals, people or other objects to distract from your property.

Have a few acres or a waterfront property? Consider a photo taken from an elevated location so buyers can see not only how beautiful your home is but the land, trees, water or other features that surround it. A bird’s-eye view is great for larger properties spectacular surroundings.

What are the best features of your home? Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important rooms in the house for buyers, so if you’ve recently renovated or have a room that stands out be sure to take photos! Architectural details such as beams, archways and distinct doors or other features make a great photo as well. What you don’t want to include are photos of your pet lounging on the bed, or worse – your own face in the bathroom mirror!

Have a photo that’s too dark? Don’t include it. A dark room can look gloomy and depressing, and what you want are rooms filled with natural light that make them feel airy and light. Let the daylight flow through all the windows and use lamps if necessary to create a bright, light room. This also helps make rooms look more spacious.

Stage every room so buyers can see their families living in your home. Every room should be neat and tidy, but without too many personal belongings such as family photos, the kids’ names hanging on the bedroom wall, etc. De-personalizing the spaces make it easier for buyers to picture themselves in those spaces, but do make the photos inviting.

If your porch or main entrance is in good repair, take a shot with the front door cracked open about halfway. What’s more inviting? Of course you’ll want to make sure the porch/steps or walkway in the photo are clean and swept, and that the door itself is in good shape appearance-wise. Shoppers get that first glimpse of your home, another great first impression.

Great photos are essential when it comes to home listings! At Team Nelson, part of our job is helping you make your property its most appealing to potential buyers. We love helping our clients reach their goals – it’s what we do. For more help selling your North Texas home, give our Dallas real estate pros a call today.

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