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Money Saving Tips To Help You Buy A DFW Home

buy a dfw home

Your dream is to buy a DFW home, but your financial situation doesn’t exactly support your dream. Most of us have been there – and we know it’s easy to spend a ton of money needlessly without even realizing it. You know you have certain bills that are due every month; the rent, utility bills, car payment, etc. On paper it may look like you should be saving money, but you’re not. What can you do starting now so that you can realize your dream sooner rather than later? Our DFW real estate professionals have a few suggestions.

First, stop those habits that are draining your bank account. You may not realize that $2.95 tall caffee latte you enjoy from Starbucks every morning is costing you a small fortune! Have one every morning while on your way to work five days a week, and in a month’s time you’ve spent more than $60 bucks. Instead, choose to make your own gourmet coffee at home. You’ll save a bundle, and may even like it better!

Do you buy prepared ready-to-microwave dinners regularly? You wouldn’t believe the mark-ups on these meals, many of which are $3.50, $4.00 or even higher. You can prepare meals for a lot less money – and they’re healthier for your family.

Brown bag it at lunch time. A lot of people who work eat out or grab something at a fast-food joint for lunch. Why spend $30 or $40 per week when you can bring something good from home for a fraction of the cost?

Avoid paying enormous amounts of interest by paying credit cards off at the end of the month. Any time you pay interest or fees because a payment is a day or two late, it’s like burning money. Consider setting up automatic payments on your bills, and save those $2.95 or more late fees.

Turn the thermostat up (or down, depending on the season). Just two degrees can save you more than you imagine, and you can compensate by wearing an extra layer in winter months and making use of ceiling fans to circulate the air in summer months.

Shop at consignment or thrift stores for clothes. The clothing at most consignment shops is usually in good condition, sometimes even new. Why pay three or four times the amount for jeans, tops, slacks or career clothes? No one will know the difference, unless you tell them.

Comparison shop to see if you can save on satellite or cable, Internet, even on your smartphone. You may want to consider downsizing your satellite or cable package if you only watch a few of the channels out of the hundreds provided. There are also lots of options when it comes to smartphones, so you may want to think long and hard before you spend $700 or $800 on a new phone!

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can save money for a home. Even the smallest things add up, and by being more conscious of your spending habits you can literally save thousands a year!

At Team Nelson our Dallas real estate agents enjoy helping people achieve their dreams of owning their own beautiful home. If you’re in the market and need help finding the perfect home for your family, give us a call!

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