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Moving To A New Flower Mound Home? What To Leave

As trusted real estate agents, we know that moving into a new Flower Mound home is exciting, fun, and fills you with great anticipation. We also know that moving can be a lot of work, and something that you don’t particularly look forward to. Packing up clothes, kitchen utensils, the kids’ toys, linens – it can be exhausting. But there are some things that you can – and should – leave behind for the new owners.

Here’s a quick look at some things you’ve probably thought of, and others you haven’t.

Appliances. Most people leave the dishwasher and refrigerator behind. In fact, large appliances are part of some sales contracts. You can choose to include the washer and dryer in the contract if you like, or take those with you.

Warranties. Any home warranties for repair or replacement on things such as dishwashers, electrical systems, water heaters, air conditioning, ductwork, etc. should be left behind for the new owner.

Extra keys. Most people will change the locks upon purchasing a new home, but some do not. Any extra keys to the shed, front door, garage, etc. should be left behind. The new owner may need them initially until they do have the locks changed, and will appreciate knowing that you didn’t take the copies with you.

Manuals. Most appliances, sound systems, electronics and other home goods come with manuals. Place all of the manuals in a folder or drawer for the new owner, it will be much appreciated.

Service professionals’ contact information. If you have a sprinkler system, in-ground pool, security system or other services which occasionally require service, or even recommendations you can make for lawn care services or heat/air maintenance, leave it for the new owners. It will save them the time and effort of finding someone for the job.

You know what hard work it is to move, but those moving into your old home will be going through the same thing. Do those things you would appreciate the former owner of your new home doing for you, and spread the moving ‘karma.’

At Team Nelson, we’re all about making the move as seamless as possible! Count on our professionals for all of your Flower Mound real estate needs, whether selling your current home or looking for a new one.

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We love using Team Nelson to buy and sell homes! The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Tara has been are go to for anything we need to know about local market and market trends. They will schedule a meeting in person at your home and give you honest expectations of the sell of your home. They meet and often exceed the expectations they set for their customers.
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Demi Devine