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Moving to Flower Mound? 5 Tips To Save Money

moving to flower mound

At Team Nelson, our Flower Mound realtors know that moving can be costly, considering insurance for the move, insurance for your new home, down payments, and other costs. What most home buyers fail to realize is that moving in itself can cost a bundle! If you’re moving to Flower Mound from within the state of Texas, the average cost of a move is about $1,200 compared to between $5,500 and $6,000 when you’re moving in from out of state. How can you reduce moving costs? We have a few ‘hacks’ that will help you stay within your moving budget.

Don’t move the junk with you. Any items you no longer user or need should be left behind. While packing, consider whether it’s a good time to rid yourself of items one by one. Any items you don’t need to take with you can be sold at a consignment shop, or in a yard/garage sale. Or, if items are smaller, just throw them in the trash for the next pick-up.

Don’t pay for moving supplies. Why purchase boxes or packing peanuts when many of these supplies can be found in the office copy room or your company’s recycling bin? Many grocery stores will be happy to supply you with boxes, so there is no point in spending your hard-earned cash for moving supplies that will likely just be thrown away by your company/local grocery store at the end of the day.

Ask friends for help (but not for free). While you should pay your friends to help you move, be sure the trade-off is fair. A six-pack of beer won’t compensate for the work your friends help you do during a move, however fair compensation and swapping out a time commitment (such as babysitting pets or kids for an afternoon, or helping paint a room or do other chores) will be fair, and help you get through the move quickly.

Pack up all of your belongings prior to moving day. Packing up your clothes and dishes beforehand isn’t enough. In most cases, professional moving companies charge for the time spent waiting while you finish packing up, which can be costly. Have every last item packed up and boxes clearly labeled well before the move, so that you don’t waste your time, or the mover’s time (while costs rack up). Plan in advance for moving awkward items like sofa cushions, floor lamps, and other items that don’t fit in a cardboard box or trash bag.

Only hire a professional moving company when necessary. There is no reason to pay good money to a moving company for items you can easily move yourself, such as clothes, cleaning/personal hygiene and grooming supplies, mops, brooms, dishes, etc. If you can begin moving into your new home before you leave your old home, start shuttling your things and leave the “big stuff” to the pros, such as your furniture or large appliances.

We know you can hardly wait to move into your Flower Mound home, but be sensible when it comes to the move so that you don’t spend more than you have to!

Looking for a home in Flower Mound or other areas in North Texas? Give the trusted real estate agents at Team Nelson a call today, and we’ll help find your perfect dream home.

What People Are Saying

  • Selling and buying a new house with Team Nelson was the best experience ever. My Realtor made everything so easy for our family. Thank you Team Nelson!! Will see you again on our next home adventure.

    Rafael Diaz Avatar
    Rafael Diaz

    Bill Nelson and his Team sold our home in ONE WEEK! This was our first time in selling a home so we were a bit nervous. Bill had a professional photographer take photos for our listing. He wrote an excellent description of our home for the people viewing our property. We had multiple offers. We...

    palkotx Avatar

    Tara McClendon is awesome! with her knowledge and local connection she found me a perfect place that I call home!
    She is responsive and understands your needs and tries to accumulate.

    Definitely recommended.

    danielelkadi Avatar
  • Team Nelson (James Freed and Kelly Sokora) did a great job of leading us through the process. Answered our questions quickly and helped us make important decisions. Well done!

    Jim Morrow Avatar
    Jim Morrow

    Bill, Casey, and Kelly were great to work with. They sold my home in just a few days. They were very responsive and got answers back to me quickly. They had a great process and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell their home. Thanks Bill and team!

    nai7 Avatar

    We had a great experience with Team Nelson. James freed and Kelly did a great job. Home sold in less than 30 days. We want to especially thank Kelly She kept us informed and gave us valuable advice. Bill and Linda Ellis

    Bill Ellis Avatar
    Bill Ellis
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