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North Texas Homes – Know If A Community Is Dog-Friendly

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As experienced real estate agents in Flower Mound, we know many families love their dogs and consider them a part of the family. If you’re planning to look at North Texas homes in the near future, how do you know which cities or neighborhoods are dog-friendly? There are several things you can look for.

First, check to see if there are lots of dogs around. Do you see fenced-in backyards with a dog or two, or neighbors out and about walking or jogging with their pets? Kids playing in the front yard with Fido? This is a good indication the neighborhood is dog-friendly.

Is there a pet store nearby, along with a vet and animal shelter? When you find businesses that pertain to pets and their care or well-being, it’s another good indication the community cares about dogs.

Drive around and see if there’s a clean, well-kept dog park. While a dog park is a good sign, you also want to take note of whether it’s crowded with people and their pets on a Saturday morning and how well owners are keeping an eye on their pooches. Are owners cleaning up after their pets for the most part? Dogs enjoy playing with other dogs and getting out and about, so a great dog park is key to a neighborhood that welcomes dogs.

Sidewalks, trails, and room to roam. The best places for families who have pets are neighborhoods where traffic is light and they have access to trails, sidewalks, lakes, and other areas to enjoy a walk, run, or just playtime.

Many communities today even have retail stores and restaurants that welcome pets, so check around some of the area businesses to learn more about their pet policies.

You can also learn a lot about how welcoming a city or neighborhood is in regards to pets and dogs by searching online. The Flower Mound, TX website offers a listing of various parks and their purposes, including those that are designed for dogs like the Hound Mound Dog Park and those that welcome dogs including Heritage Park of Flower Mound.

With just a little investigating you can determine whether Fido will be welcome in the neighborhood!

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