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North Texas Prime Destination For Relocating Millennials

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Other than New York City, San Francisco, and L.A., where do relocating millennials choose to live these days? According to Mayflower Moving, in 2016, the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro was the place to be, likely due to the abundance of jobs and increasing employment opportunities, as North Texas becomes more and more of a technology mecca, drawing in large companies by the droves. Last year the Dallas-FW metroplex was ranked #7 in the country as the destination for millennials, just behind NYC, Chicago, L.A. and San Francisco.

Millennials are those roughly between the ages of 18 and 32 or so, depending on what source you look at. According to the moving company, millennials do not intend at this point to settle down in a permanent home, but are instead exploring new experiences, cities, and employment opportunities. Given the fact that, during the prior 12 months ending in February of this year, nearly 120,000 new jobs were created in the Dallas area, it’s really no surprise that North Texas is a prime destination for those in the market for a new home. In fact, while the majority of those moving to the area are millennials, it’s estimated that the number of people moving to North Texas on a daily basis is about 250!

According to a January 2017 article at Culture Map, Texas was second behind Florida in terms of relocation activity in 2015, as determined by a Texas Association of Realtors report. For three years running, approximately 500,000 new residents moved to Texas from out-of-state. Is everyone moving to Texas? Seems like it, and for good reason. Considering the enhanced quality of life and growing number of diverse job opportunities, it’s simply a no-brainer!

Most of those migrating to our beautiful state come from California, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, according to reports. Not only that, lots of Texas residents are migrating from other metros within the state to Dallas including those from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

One thing’s for certain – the popularity of North Texas is certainly keeping our real estate agents hopping! New homes are under construction, and those coming in can find a few existing homes for sale – but you should act fast, as many homes are snatched up almost as soon as they’re listed! If you’re coming to the Dallas area, be sure to give Team Nelson a call. Finding your perfect home is our business.

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