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North Texas Real Estate – Make A Repairs List To Sell Easily

As experienced North Texas real estate agents we know that it’s easy for homeowners to recognize the ‘big’ repairs that need to be made before putting a home on the market. The funny thing is, even if there is only one thing wrong with your home, such as a tiny little tear in a window screen, that is the one screen a potential buyer will notice!

Even the tiniest of things can change someone’s perception of the home. A bulb that has blown may lead someone looking at your home to believe there are electrical problems, perhaps even that the electrical outlet a lamp is plugged into is defective. The message here is that even those things you think of to be minor problems or ‘no big deal’ could taint the overall image of your home in the mind of the buyer.

Before putting your Flower Mound or Dallas-area home on the market, go through and consider everything from top to bottom, making a checklist of all that needs to be repaired. Here are a few areas you should review:

  • Operation of ceiling fans and noise factor
  • Do all porch and security lights work?
  • Window frames and screens in good repair and clean
  • Doorbell is in working order
  • Exhaust fan and range hood light works
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work
  • Oven – broiler works, racks are clean, bottom of oven is clean
  • Vent fans in bathrooms work
  • Floors are in good shape and clean
  • Faucets in kitchen and bathrooms operate easily
  • Garbage disposal works and has no offensive odors
  • Indoor and outdoor intercoms and speakers work
  • Inspect HVAC system – thermostat, duct leaks, coolant leakage, operation, furnace, condensation
  • Toilet flushes properly
  • Trash compactor
  • Sliding and pocket doors move freely in tracks
  • Home security system operates properly
  • Deadbolt locks operate easily

This may seem like a long list, but you would be surprised how even the smallest things can affect whether a buyer considers your home. Your North Texas real estate agent can help you prepare your checklist, and many of the repairs are easy to take care of yourself. Attention to even the tiniest details can make the difference in whether you sell your home quickly, or it’s one of the ones that sits on the market for much longer than you would like.

Want to sell your home? At Team Nelson, we’re the Dallas real estate agents who take the time to go over the details so that your home sells faster!

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