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North Texas Real Estate – Who Attends Open Houses

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The Sunday open house has been around for decades, and is considered the “gold standard” in real estate showings. If you’ve listed your Flower Mound or Frisco home for sale, you may decide to have an open house so that anyone and everyone who’s interested can come take a tour of your home. Be aware, though, that not every person who shows up will necessarily be a potential buyer. Who else may attend? Our Dallas real estate professionals have the answers below.

What about those nosy neighbors? We’ve all wondered what the inside of our neighbors’ homes look like at one time or another, and people are curious. Some homes are very similar in design on the outside, and neighbors may wonder if your floor plan is identical to their own – or, they may simply want to know what your home looks like on the inside.

Someone who lived in the home before. Homes are where memories are made, and occasionally a listing agent will encounter someone who lived in the home in the past – or even the prior owner’s relatives. For some, it’s simply an opportunity to see how the old home place looks and perhaps reminisce a bit.

An agent who didn’t get the listing. A lot of people who sell their homes discuss their needs with several real estate agents before choosing the one they want. Occasionally, an agent who didn’t land the listing may come by the open house simply to see if the seller took their advice about certain things that could help improve the odds of selling, such as painting a bold room a more neutral color, or updating a bathroom or kitchen.

Legitimate buyers. Of course these are the people you want touring your home when it’s open house. Most are at some point in the buying process, perhaps checking out various homes in their price range or desired neighborhood, or they may be serious about making a final decision and taking action. In many cases, the open house may be the second or third time a serious buyer has been to your home. This is understandable when investing a substantial amount of money – buyers want to make certain it IS the house of their dreams!

When selling your home, it’s important to have a skilled North Texas real estate agent who will take advantage of open houses, and who will make the most out of exchanges with anyone who attends. It’s the perfect opportunity for the agent to note any reactions to your home/comments he/she heard others making, and to gather feedback from potential buyers.

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