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Painting The Wood Floors In Your North Texas Home

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As long-lasting and beautiful as they are, even wood floors lose their sheen and luster after years of foot traffic and wear. Whether you’ve just purchased a home in the Flower Mound or Dallas-Ft. Worth area or are looking to sell your home, there are a few reasons you may want to consider painting your wood floors, which we have revealed below.

Refinishing the wood floors in your home is a major undertaking, both in terms of the mess involved and labor. Think of the sanding and dust, not to mention clearing out the room and waiting for days before the staining and sealing dries to the point you can walk on it. A huge inconvenience, considering you have to seal the room off and do major deep cleaning to ensure all of the dust from sanding is removed.

Prefer a more modern or even and old-fashioned look? Painting wood floors does involve work, but not to the extent of refinishing – and the results are amazing, whether you’re going for a lighter, more modern appeal or an old-fashioned look. Compared to refinishing, only light sanding is required for painting – and two coats dries in no time, compared to staining and sealing.

Depending on the age of a home, hardwood floors may have been refinished several times. With each sanding, boards become thinner – resulting in a floor that’s less durable. Painting is a good option not only when floors have become thin and can’t go through too many more refinishing projects, but also in older homes, where patching may be required because of removal of a radiator, rooms that have been expanded, etc. It’s much easier to achieve a professional, polished look with paint than with attempting to match wood grain variations, stain, etc.

So, if you decide to paint your hardwood floors, will chipping be a problem? Not likely, if you choose a higher sheen paint that’s designed for use on the porch – and scratching won’t be the major headache you may envision. In the event you do have a scratch, simply touch it up with a paint brush. It’s far easier than repairing a noticeable scratch on a stained floor.

Maintenance is easier, too. Unlike hardwood floors that need polishing occasionally to maintain their luster, all you need to do with a painted floor is sweep, dust, or mop.

Imagine a brighter floor that reflects light and makes your rooms look cleaner, brighter, and more spacious. While you probably won’t want white or black because of dust, light to medium-gray shades or even deep greens, sage, navy, or muted yellow shades are ideal, depending on the room and decor.

Painting a hardwood floor is ideal for those who desire a trendy, modern look or even those who love nothing better than farmhouse appeal – and it’s far less costly and labor intensive than refinishing a hardwood floor.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in the North Texas area, floors make all the difference. By painting a hardwood floor you can literally transform a room, without spending a small fortune.

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