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Relocating To DFW With Small Children – Help Them Feel Right At Home

relocating to dfw

People are relocating to DFW by the flocks, some because of career reasons, others because they are ready for a change of scenery and a better quality of life. Regardless of the reason, moving to a new home in a new city can be extremely difficult for children, especially during the winter season when so much time is spent indoors. If you’re moving to the Dallas area in the near future, we have a few ideas to help your little ones settle in and feel right at home in short order!

How better for your children to familiarize themselves with your new home than with a scavenger hunt? Whether it’s toys, colorful blocks or other items, hiding them in the various rooms and areas of your home will help your children become familiar with their new space. Make a list with the names or pictures of the items you have hidden and offer clues to help the children figure out where they might be.

Let them help with unpacking and putting things up. Young children love to play with cartons and boxes, and letting them carry items to the rooms where they belong is a great way for kids to learn which room is which – for example, which bedroom is his, which is his parent’s, which is his sibling’s. Keep safety in mind, as you don’t want your children handling heavy or breakable objects. Pillows, linens, towels, stuffed animals and other light, soft items are ideal. When the “work” is done, treat them with a favorite snack or goody.

Exploring the kitchen is always fun, and what three- or four-year-old doesn’t love banging on pots and pans? A fun way to get your children involved is to bake a cake or make cookies. Kids love to pour flour, sugar and other ingredients into the bowl, crack eggs, spread icing, stir. Yes, it’s messy – but it’s worth helping your kids become familiar with and comfortable in their new home.

From playing hide-and-seek to dancing to upbeat music your kids love, there are countless things you can do to help your young children quickly adapt to their new surroundings. Before you know it, they will love their new home sweet home.

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