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Sell Your Flower Mound Home – When A Buyer Isn’t Serious

sell your flower mound home

If you’re trying to sell your Flower Mound home, it’s likely you get excited when a potential buyer gushes over your house – could this be the one? Unfortunately, it’s often more about people’s actions than their words when it comes to determining who the serious buyers are, and who’s just really “kicking tires.” Our Dallas real estate professionals have a few signs to share with you that often indicate a buyer isn’t all that serious.

If the buyer has just begun looking at homes, don’t get too excited. Most buyers look at several homes before they choose “the one,” and in most cases it takes a few months of looking. If yours is the first home the buyer has looked at, don’t get your hopes up too much.

No real estate agent? Buyers who are looking for homes without the benefit of a real estate agent generally aren’t in the serious stage. It doesn’t cost the buyer anything to have a buyer’s agent, as the agent’s commission is paid by the seller. Having a buyer’s agent is equivalent to having a no-cost expert help in the buying process, so if the buyer is without an agent, he/she is likely not serious about finding the perfect home.

The buyer doesn’t have a pre-approval letter from a lender. When buyer’s submit an offer on a home, they also include a pre-approval letter which lets the seller know the buyer has been approved and has the funding to purchase the home. Without one? Don’t give the buyer a second thought.

You get a super-low offer from the buyer. Sure, everyone wants a great deal – but serious buyers won’t give you an offer that’s unreasonably low, as the market is competitive and homes in the Flower Mound area go super fast. If a buyer truly loves a home, you’ll get the best offer from the get-go.

Breezing through an open house. When someone attends an open house and zips along at a good clip without really checking things out, it isn’t a good sign. When a buyer is really interested in a home, he/she will typically take a closer look at various features and rooms – serious buyers will hang around a while, and usually have a few questions.

When you put your home on the market, naturally you want the interest of serious buyers. As experienced Flower Mound real estate agents, the folks at Team Nelson help match buyers with the type of home they’re looking for. We know you don’t want to waste time; we help streamline the process and find the right buyer for your home.

What People Are Saying

  • Bill and his team maintain great communications. They are very attentive to details and is very service oriented. I enjoy working with Bill and his team. I highly recommend their service looking to buy or sell their house.

    Simon Tan Avatar
    Simon Tan

    Outstanding customer-focused service and superb responsiveness. As a military member, we have moved extensively- Bill and Andra are easily at the top of the list of realtors we have worked with. Simply the best!

    david moeller Avatar
    david moeller

    This team was awesome! They must have shown us 30+ houses in a tough market. Everyone on the team was quick to respond and was very helpful with the stress of selling/buying a home. Their close connection with Rodney Anderson (Supreme Lending) really helped our loan run smoothly.

    director forbis Avatar
    director forbis
  • This group of top-notch professionals did us a SUPER job!! I highly recommend this "Team" to work for you to help buy and/or sell your home. They were in constant communication with us and were very helpful recommending contractors to us to complete our "to-do" list prior to closing. They worked...

    randy beard Avatar
    randy beard

    Johnny did a great job as our real estate agent. He helped us find and visit many potential listings. He educated us on many facets of the home buying process particularly on the pros and cons of going with new builds, spec homes, or pre-owned including some things to look out such as a PID. He was...

    Alan Achtenberg Avatar
    Alan Achtenberg

    The entire team at Team Nelson provided a fantastic experience. Responses were always timely. They also went above and beyond for us when our move-in to our new home created some issues. We will continue to recommend their services to anyone in need!

    amanda449 Avatar
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