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Sell Your Home Dallas – Home Renovations That Could Make Selling Hard

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Many homeowners in Flower Mound and the Dallas area renovate their homes, never thinking of how it may affect resale should they ever decide to sell in the future. There are certain renovations that could actually make selling your home more difficult, so it’s important to consider whether there is any chance you will put your home on the market at some point in the future before making these renovations.

Transforming your garage into a family room. This is a very common renovation, but one you may want to think about twice. While your family may enjoy a larger family room, the majority of buyers who purchase a home in the suburbs want – and expect – a garage.

Reducing the number of bedrooms. Considering more and more people are working from home today, many convert an unused bedroom into a home office. This is fine as long as you don’t make any major changes that would make turning it back into a bedroom difficult. For instance, you may want to re-think building in permanent cabinets, shelves, or desks. Buyers with children won’t want to spend a substantial amount of money to transform the room back into a bedroom.

Extravagant landscaping or the addition of a swimming pool. Sure, nothing beats a swimming pool in your own backyard, and many buyers want a pool; however, a pool is a liability, one that requires substantial maintenance. The same goes for landscaping and an abundance of flower gardens. While a moderate amount of landscaping adds to curb appeal, too much will leave potential buyers thinking about the work involved to maintain the gardens and landscaping.

There are some renovations which actually add to the appeal of a home and its value, such as updating a kitchen or bath. Think about what a potential buyer may want before you invest in any of the renovations mentioned above, as it could actually make your home harder to sell rather than increasing its value.

At Team Nelson, our Flower Mound real estate agents are dedicated to helping make your home as easy to sell as possible. If you’re looking to sell your home Dallas, give us a call today!

What People Are Saying

  • Great experience selling our home and buying a new home. Love Casey and Kelly!!!!Best part of it was that they sold our home for FREE!Highly recommend selling and buying a home with YOUR HOME FREE!

    Mark Mathews Avatar
    Mark Mathews

    We just purchased our first home with the help of Team Nelson and I can't say enough good things about them! When we wanted to take a few months to look and understand the market, they were happy to go at our slower pace, and when we needed to move quickly to secure the contract they were right on...

    tranteryost Avatar

    We have used Bill and his team for 3 house transactions and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Jason Walter Avatar
    Jason Walter
  • Tara was awesome to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    She was always quick to respond and help in any way.

    If you need to buy or sell a home in the Dallas area you should give her a call

    dpearson13 Avatar

    Awesome experience working with Team Nelson! Their service was first class every step of the way and they charged me NOTHING to sell my house. My new house was built by Darling Homes and their fee came out of Darlings pocket not mine.. I got an offer the first day my house was listed for $7,000 over my asking price! Really impressed with Mr. Nelson’s company and team of first class Realitor’s!

    Sam Wolfe Avatar
    Sam Wolfe

    Bill, Casey and especially Kelly were awesome during the entire process. I admit that i was a very nervous seller, but the whole process went very smoothly. I met the buyer after the closing and he was the perfect buyer for the property. I would recommend Team Nelson, as they have the process down pat. Thank you for a great experience.

    Steven Tabor Avatar
    Steven Tabor
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